Mitchell Harrison Injury Update

By Billy Rainford

#8 Mitchell Harrison at Gopher Dunes.

During a very heated battle for the lead with #126 Kaven Benoit, #8 Mitchell Harrison went down hard after the big double jump down the spectator straightaway at Round 4 of the 2023 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at Gopher Dunes.

He had the wind knocked out of him and stayed down for a while before leaving the race with just over one lap to go.

We saw him afterward and he was icing his left hand. We spoke with Thor GasGas team owner Alex Parker this morning and we’re happy to report that although Mitchell’s hand was sore after the crash, he suffered no head injury or any other body injuries, adding, “He got out of that one lucky!

In fact, both he and his teammate #5 Tyler Medaglia will be on the practice track today and Thursday before heading to Round 5 at Sand Del Lee in Ottawa this weekend.