By Billy Rainford

Another Monday where I find myself waking up in my own bed. I spent the past few days down in Indianapolis for another Supercross weekend away from home. The calendar told us it was the official start of spring and the weather said the same thing. We were up over 20C the past few days and Gopher Dunes even opened up for riding.

I remember way back in the day when you’d get your new bike in March and then the hunt for a dry place to ride began. We didn’t have the sand track in Courtland yet, so we had to try and find a clay-based track that had drained well enough to navigate, and that was usually next to impossible.

Sometimes, it may have just been better to wait another week… | Bigwave Senior photo

You’d load up and head somewhere only to find you spent the entire time risking blowing up your brand new bike in the mud and then spend the rest of the day trying to get it clean. You were supposed to be breaking it in not revving it to the moon simply trying to move in the freshly-thawed mud. Of course, when you’re a young kid, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway, I hope everyone who made it out to a track this past weekend had a blast and enjoyed their new bike and/or gear. There’s nothing like pulling off tags before you roll out!

I said on Friday that the right-hand corner after the triple was going to be the place for some excitement at Lucas Oil Stadium, and it lived up to the billing.

It’s the corner where Jett Lawrence did the classic undercut on Cameron McAdoo and where Justin Barcia made his now infamous pass on Jason Anderson.


Barcia would be penalized 3 points and $3000 for the move. We posted on IG about it and there’s been an ongoing debate about the penalty. We’ve even got former Pro riders Al Dyck and Kaven Benoit going back and forth about it.

I think when they design these tracks they have to know they’re setting up passes like this. I was there 30 seconds and saw it coming.

What are your thoughts?

How about this moment we caught with our old friend #67 Logan Karnow? He passed his way into the lead in the 450 LCQ and celebrated with Joseph Allen on the microphone:

#484 Tanner Ward raced his last Supercross of the season at Indy. He’ll now focus his attention on getting ready for the upcoming Canadian Triple Crown Series where he’ll move up to the 450 class.

When you watch riders give Supercross a shot, it becomes clear pretty quickly who looks like they belong and who doesn’t. Tanner looked like he belonged. He was aggressive in the right places and wasn’t out there simply trying to clear the jumps. I would suggest that he’s not finished giving AMA SX a shot.

Tanner Ward will now focus on the Canadian Triple Crown Series 450 season. | Bigwave photo

Tanner qualified 30th, finished 12th in Heat 1`, and then took 8th in the LCQ. I told him on the line that he had the pace, he just needed a start. Next year.

Guillaume St Cyr was in tough in the 450 class with more riders trying to qualify than in Detroit last weekend. He took a pretty sketchy fall late in qualifying and wasn’t able to get that one last hot lap in to move on to the night show.

To be honest, it’s a good thing time ran out on him because he would have tried some more fast laps on a bike that was broken in such a way that disaster could have struck.

He’ll head back to SOBMX now and prepare for the St Louis round when the series comes back from Seattle and the week off. He said he’ll keep trying it in the 450 class on his 250.

It’s back to work at SOBMX for Guac. | Bigwave photo

Guillaume qualified 45th and missed the night show in Indianapolis.

Tyler Medaglia Takes the Sprint Enduro Win

After taking 2nd to Steward Baylor at Round 1, Tyler Medaglia came back and took the win at Round 2 in South Carolina.

And now, I think it’s time to go see if the YZ250 2-stroke made it through another winter in the shed! Have a great week, everyone, and we’ll see you at a track very soon.

See you at the races…