Monday Morning Coffee Opinion Column

By Billy Rainford

I just couldn’t do 2 weeks in a row away from the races, so when I found out my old buddy #55 Cary Hitchen was racing the TVR event on the back track (GDR Factory track) at Gopher Dunes, I dragged Emily over to Courtland to make sure I was there for it and to commit it to permanent archives with some photos and video.

It was great to see the place so full of trailers for this event! TVR is always known as either a great place to get started racing or to get back at it as a Vet rider. I was there to see the latter and was impressed to see how many different classes they have for those of an accelerated age to race against riders of like mind and pace. I think they had at least 4 different classes to choose from, all based on skill.

Cary hasn’t raced in 38 years. Yes, you read that right. His last race on his own bike would have been at Hully Gully but he also did the “Mechanics Race” at Motopark on my “couch on wheels” 1984 Can Am 125. “Can Am Unleashes a Storm!” 🤦‍♂️ Now that I’ve used a calculator, I think it’s actually 39 years!

As we walked through the many parked vehicles looking for Cary’s truck and bike, was saw that #218 Nathan Bles and #147 Hayden Jameson were there and racing, so we knew we were in for every level of rider that day.

Hayden Jameson motocross
#147 Hayden Jameson having some fun at the TVR race on the GDR Factory track at Gopher Dunes. | Bigwave photo

I guess they had a pretty good battle in their first moto, but we got there after it had finished. Unfortunately, Nathan had a rear brake issue and they decided it wasn’t worth trying to battle for the win on a bike without a brake, so Hayden was left to decimate the field in the 2nd top class moto that I saw.

Also, Hayden will join Ryder McNabb and Noah Viney at the Moto Combine Friday at Red Bud in Buchanan, Michigan, so you know where I’ll be pointing the DMX Van on an “off” weekend! If you know of any other Canadians headed that way, please let me know.

We had a great chat with Nathan and his dad, Theo Bles, on the lunch break and I had to bring up an old story that really got Theo’s blood pumping. We all had a pretty good laugh going down memory lane.

I introduced Cary to a couple Canadian MX Legend in #83 Bill Van Vugt and #724 Embert “Dutchy” Berkers. It’s so cool that these two still enjoy going to the races together. We heard a couple really good Loretta Lynn‘s stories from the mid and late 90’s too. Thanks for the good banter, boys.

I posted on Instagram earlier this morning that after all these years of going to the races, I don’t think I’ve ever packed a gate for someone else! That all changed on Sunday when I gave Cary the Pro treatment and got his gate ready for him to pull a huge holeshot…if that was even what he wanted!

He messaged me that he was heading down to the gate so I hurried over to his pits to get the video started. He rode off to the line and I hurried over behind him. And wouldn’t you know it, there were still 2 or 3 races to go and he was already down there! He wasn’t alone though, many of the Vet Beginner riders were already down there to wait in the hot sun for 30 minutes. Lol.

It’s actually pretty cool though because they all shot the shit with each other and made jokes while they waited for their turn on the track. TVR Vet racing is a really great scene.

I headed down to the first corner and got ready to shoot some video of what was surely to be a can’t miss holeshot with that gate prep!

Cary got a great jump and headed into turn 1 with the leaders and rounded the corner in 4th place. Pretty good!

I’ll edit the video from the race later this afternoon, but I think he finished in 7th or 8th. There were also a couple classes mixed in so he likely ended up better than that. He was in some great battles throughout the race, too. It was a blast to be the one chasing him around the track after all these years.

Cary Hitchen Hully Gully motocross
Here’s Cary at Hully Gully back in 1981. He came from the Kevin Moore/Chris Pomeroy school of elbows up riding. | Bigwave Senior photo


KTM photos

Round 6 – AMA U.S. Hard Enduro Series

KELLOGG, Idaho. – FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Trystan Hart has successfully defended his AMA U.S. Hard Enduro Championship, clinching the 2023 title after claiming another commanding race victory at the Silver Kings Hard Enduro.

As he did with a clean-sweep of the series on his way to the championship last season, 26-year-old Hart has continued that winning form this year and maintained his perfect record in Round 6 at the picturesque Silver Mountain Ski Resort, also sealing the AMA West Extreme Regional Championship in the process.

After topping Friday’s Prologue at the Idaho event, Hart onboard the KTM 300 XC-W made his way into the lead during the early stages of Saturday’s Main Event, taking control from there with a total time of 2:52:36 and racing to an eventual winning margin of 40 seconds. It was a convincing way to capture the title, marking his third-consecutive crown in the series.

Trystan Hart:“The race went really well here in Idaho, not a lot of drama for me – I caught the guys early on and then Cody [Webb] and I battled for a bit before he had a huge high-side down the hill. They caught me on the hill because I was looking for the ribbon, although from there on, I didn’t really see anyone again. The track got harder and harder closer to the finish and I was just coasting on the trails, which I don’t normally do, but I was conserving energy in case there were any more surprises. It was a good race, I was so nervous bringing it home! The team has done an amazing job all season, the bike was perfect, and I couldn’t be any more stoked.”

For more information on the U.S. Hard Enduro Series, visit the official series website at

Combined Moto Results – Gold Overall
Fri PrologueFri Amatuer MainFri Street RythemSat Main Event
PlaceBike#Rider NameBrandPlaceChksTotal
11TRYSTAN HARTKTM110:13:01   610:01:15182:52:36
2513RYDER LEBLONDHSQ210:13:27   510:01:12283:32:04
32CODY WEBBSHR310:14:26   410:01:08383:42:02
410COLTON HAAKERHSQ510:15:10   110:00:54483:54:42
539WILL RIORDANKTM710:15:44   710:01:16583:59:19
6711KEITH CURTISKTM810:16:31   1710:01:57684:06:17
747MATTHEW GREENBET910:16:57   1010:01:27784:14:22
8901NICK FAHRINGERSHR1510:20:17   2010:02:06885:23:04
999BRANDEN PETRIESHRDNF0       985:29:35
10110RYDER GUESTKTM1310:20:00   1910:02:031085:32:11
1155JAMES FLYNNGG610:15:40   1110:01:271185:47:07
12890ALFREDO GOMEZRJU410:15:10   210:01:041273:53:02
1325KAWELO HUDDYKTM2710:28:11   2610:02:191375:41:32
145QUINN WENTZELRJU1010:17:35   810:01:171475:47:38
1524DAVID GARZAKTM1410:20:07   1410:01:341564:57:35
16214JARED LAMBEGG1110:17:41   1810:02:001665:24:27
17244JOSH STALEYGG1810:22:06   1310:01:331765:24:57
18138AARON TAPIOHSQ2410:24:35   3210:03:561865:25:23
19318KYLE TAPIOHSQ1210:17:45   1210:01:281965:27:53
2098SAM PETERSONSHR1710:21:12   910:01:272054:20:22

Full results HERE.

Daniel Elmore Interview from Frid’Eh Update

#25 is Daniel Elmore from Telkwa, BC. Daniel’s riding has been on a solid incline the past couple years, and now his next step is to figure out how to crack the top 4 of our 450 series. It seems like he’s got everyone covered, besides Dylan WrightJess PettisShawn Maffenbeier, and Tyler Medaglia – our current Royal 4.

Daniel spent another winter training at Club MX where he’s known as “Danny.” They love him down there! I’m going to have to sit down with him and have him take us through his now legendary cycle from Club to Myrtle Beach and back. Mike Bonacci really enjoyed summing it up for me when I was there this past year.

Here’s a look at Daniel’s season so far:

Here’s what he had to say when we got in touch with him this week:

Daniel was #377 when we first met him. Here’s what he had to say this week. | Bigwave 2020 photo

Direct Motocross: Hey Daniel, thanks for chatting with us again this week. We’re 3 rounds into the series now, so let me ask you about each track:

What did you think of Edmonton? There seemed to be some disappointment with Round 1.

Daniel Elmore: Hi Billy, yah, no problem and thanks for doing this!  Yes, 3 rounds done!  Edmonton was crazy. I try to be careful with how much I say but sometimes we need to speak up. That was unacceptable. We don’t train for 2-4 months every spring, spend all that money, and take all these risks to pretty much have no choice but to race on that. Sketchy and dangerous are my way to describe round 1.

What did you think of Kamloops? Everyone I talked to seemed to think it was the toughest Whispering Pines they’d ever seen!

Yes, Kamloops was brutal! It was pretty fun and challenging though. An awesome mx track!

And what did you think of Calgary? That one also seemed to be really demanding this year.

Well, aside from some tough luck and the concrete start, I think it was pretty good. It was gnarly deep and super tricky.

So far, you’ve finished 7, 5, 8 and are sitting 5th in points. 5th is where we all seem to have put you, but bet you’re not happy until you’re fighting with the top 4 guys, right?

Yah, I’m sitting 5th in points. It’s one of those things where I’m happy with it but for sure want more. We’ll get there!

Daniel ran the #13 in 2022 but chase #25 as his career number. | Bigwave photo

You came from dead last to 8th in moto 2 in Calgary. Was that your best ride so far?

Possibly my best ride so far. I was closing on 7th but just didn’t quite have it. I definitely had top 5 speed just unfortunate circumstances.

I’d hazard to ay you’ve got everyone else besides Dylan Wright, Jess Pettis, Shawn Mafenbeier, and Tyler Medaglia covered. What is it that you need to work on/do to bridge that gap?

Honestly, I’m not too sure at the moment. More experience? Ha ha.

What’s your plan for the break before we head east?

Well, I’m currently back home but fly out to Ontario in a few days.  From there I will pound out a week-and-a-half of hard training before Gopher Dunes.

What track are you looking forward to racing coming up?

Definitely Riverglade, I love that place!

Is AMA Supercross or AMA Pro Motocross something that’s on your radar? What’s your plan?

It would have to be paid for.  I’m at the point in my life where I can’t afford to go backwards financially.

Hey, I saw Orrin flagging. How’s his recovery coming and when is he back racing?

Haha. Yes, he was flagging.  His recovery has been slower then expected for sure; it was a pretty complicated wrist fracture.  He’s hoping to be back riding in a month.

Let’s see if Daniel can get himself inside that top 4 as the series heads east. | Bigwave photo

You and #20 Jeremy McKie are only 3 points apart. Do you guys talk at the track? Is he your closest rival out there?

I don’t really know him, so we haven’t talked much. 

How does team owner Steve Simms think your series is going so far? Will you guys be happy with 5th in this championship?

I think he’s happy with it so far.

Do you guys have the new bike where you want it?  

I think so. A few tweaks here and there but we’re not making too many changes.

OK, good luck the rest of the summer. Thanks for doing this and who would you like to thank?

Thanks, Billy! Obviously, the entire TLD, GasGas, SSR Team, Troy Lee Designs, Oakley, FMF, Pirelli, Motul, Sunoco, bn3th apparel, North Country rentals, Alpinestars, Olivia’s café, Matrix Concepts, and everyone else, thank you!

Congratulations, Talon Medaglia!

The Canadian MX Legacy is in pretty good hands for the upcoming generations!

We’ve got quite a few fast riders heading to The Ranch this year. Good luck to everyone.

As I said earlier, I’ll be hopping in the van and heading to Buchanan, MI to check out the MX Combine on Friday and then the AMA Pro Motocross Championships round at Red Bud to watch the continuing domination of the brothers from Australia. We’re likely going to have #96 Hunter Lawrence win the 250 class and younger bro #18 Jett Lawrence run the table in his rookie year on the 450. That’s all a pretty big deal!

Here’s a look at the points heading in:

We’ll also have Matt Huggett from Two Twenty Six Media on site to get some shots and give us another MX Road Trip story like he did last season. You can check out his other works from last year here:

2022 High Point

2022 Red Bud

Abu Dhabi Added to the 2023 WSX Championship

Ethara to organise the event at the iconic Etihad Arena on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi’s world-class entertainment destination.

SX Global today announced that Yas Island, Abu Dhabi will host the penultimate round of the FIM World Supercross Championship (WSX) in 2023.  

The WSX Abu Dhabi GP will be held over two days at the Etihad Arena on Yas Island on 4-5 November 2023. The historic event will be the first time a World Supercross event has been held in the region. Tickets will go on sale next month.

“We’re extremely proud to announce the WSX Abu Dhabi GP. Yas Island is known for the standard of excellence in hosting some of the biggest events in the region including other major events like Formula 1, UFC and NBA,” said SX Global’s CEO, Adam Bailey. 

“This event will mark the first-ever Supercross event held in the region and is a significant milestone for both WSX and the sport of supercross. The fact that Abu Dhabi is the home of our strategic investment partner in Mubadala Capital, makes it even more special.” Adam Bailey | SX Global CEO

Ethara is one of the region’s biggest event, entertainment, and venue management companies. In partnership with Miral, it operates multiple event venues on Yas Island including the Etihad Arena, the Middle East’s largest state-of-the-art indoor entertainment venue. Over the past 15 years, Ethara has delivered over 700 major events in the region for more than 16 million fans, including the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Yasalam After-Race Concerts.  

“FIM World Supercross is a fantastic new event for Yas Island, and it underpins our pioneering approach in the major event industry.  

This exciting announcement is testament to our commitment to delivering unique experiences, further building our reputation for best-in-class sport and entertainment events. We are looking forward to welcoming WSX fans to the Etihad Arena in November and delivering unforgettable moments.” Saif Rashid Al Noaimi | Ethara CEO

Mohamed Al Zaabi, Group CEO at Miral, the leading creator of immersive destinations and experiences in Abu Dhabi, said: “We are proud to see WSX Abu Dhabi GP come to Abu Dhabi and specifically to Yas Island as it continues to grow as a leading global events hub.  This is yet another great addition to the island’s event calendar and a testament to its position as a top global destination for entertainment and leisure.  We aim to create unforgettable memories for all visitors to Yas Island, who will be able to attend this first event of its type in the region while enjoying unique and immersive world-class experiences and attractions.” 

Fans can preregister for WSX Abu Dhabi GP tickets and find out more information about the event on the WSX website. Visit to find out more.

Cole Thompson Explains Stepping Away from WSX and the Club MX Team

Cole Thompson explained his reason for stepping away from the Club MX Team for the upcoming WSX Championships series that starts in Birmingham, UK this coming weekend. Here’s his post from IG:

Heal up, Cole. I know he’s been battling a sore back for a few years now and I can relate to the pains. The Club MX Team had to fill his seat and they’ve gone with another old friend of Canadian Moto in Josh Cartwright.

We’ve got an interview scheduled with the team’s manager, Canadian Scott Jeffery from Jeffery Homes, this week, so watch for that one coming up.

WSX Schedule:

1. British GP


Sat 01 July 2023 Gates 4:00pm GMT

Villa Park | Birmingham

2. Singapore GP


Sat 30 Sep 2023 Gates Open 4:00pm SST

National Stadium | Singapore Sports Hub

3. German GP


Sat 14 Oct 2023 Gates 4:00pm CEST

Merkur Spiel Arena | Dusseldorf

4. Canadian GP


Sat 28 Oct 2023 Gates 4:00pm PST

BC Place | Vancouver

5. Abu Dhabi GP

Yas Island

Sat 4 Nov 2023 Gates 4:00pm CEST

Etihad Arena | Yas Island

6. Australian GP


24-25 Nov 2023 Gates 4:00pm ASDT

Marvel Stadium | Melbourne

I managed to put my lower back out by carrying two empty water barrels to the front curb so I’m not moving very quickly today. I’m hoping to have it under control in the next couple days so I’m not inhibited at all trying to run around the huge Red Bud track on Friday and Sunday.

Wyatt Kerr motocross KTM
#19 Wyatt Kerr made it home to Cambridge, ON this morning. | Bigwave photo

I also just found out that #19 Wyatt Kerr made it home to Cambridge, Ontario, this morning after a long drive home from Foothills Hospital in Calgary, AB after getting repairs from a crash at Round 3.

Have a great week, everyone. I’ll get going on my stretching exercises now…

Dianna Dahlgren monster model
We’ll let these two from Calgary back in 2012 say it this week, “See you a the races...” | Bigwave photo