Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford


Welcome to the Family Day edition of Monday Morning Coffee. I hope everyone is getting the chance to spend some quality time with loved ones this weekend. Here at my end of things, my mother has left for a month-long visit with my aunt in Fremont, California. This departure has left my dad alone at there place up on Lake Simcoe. As the old saying goes, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” From what I’ve heard, my dad has taken this time alone to surprise my mom with some ‘improvements’ around the house.

Last year when she went south, she returned to a re-done bathroom. It was his bathroom, but it was still a nice gesture. This year it sounds like he has started a project even he wishes he hadn’t. I have no idea what to expect next time I head to their place, but ‘faux tin’ all over the living room ceiling sounds like a pretty big risk to me. He sent me an email saying he flip flops between being happy he went for it and terrified at what it will look like when completed. I can hear my mom’s voice in my ear now, “Billy, did you see what your father did to the main room of our house?” (You don’t read this do you dad?)

Anyway, none of my non-moto friends are as close to their parents as I am to mine. It is definitely a result of racing motocross for so many years. I’m going to keep this column quite short this week, but, if you have time, I suggest every racer and parent take the time to watch ‘Ryan Villopoto: Story of a Champion.’ Someone re-posted this link on Facebook a few days ago and I think it’s an amazing yet tragic (then redeeming) story we should all familiarize ourselves with to keep it all in perspective. When all is said and done, family comes first.

Congratulations to the Villopoto Family for pushing through those difficult years. How cool will it be for the family to head over to Europe to watch Ryan compete in the MXGP World Championships (Round 1 is Feb 28 in Losail, Qatar). It will make all those trials and tribulations a distant memory…I hope. Your homework is to click play (it’s nearly 45:00 long):

Have a great day and week, everyone. It’s literally -25 Celsius here in London, Ontario. Yes, it’s sunny, but what does that matter at this temperature?! Great, now I have to spend time with my family…;)