Motocross Deschambault Welcomes Jérome Thibault to the Team

Press release:

The 2022 season is approaching! As most of you already know, my son Jacob Thibault has now been working full-time with me in the development of the park since last year. Jacob brought many ideas and novelties to the schools and summer camps. Always in a good mood, he was able to offer an awesome service to our customers and was a key in the ECAN National Amateur Championship and Triple Crown success last year. He has earned the respect of the entire motorcycle industry in Canada. We have only one goal in mind: to become even better.

Therefore, I am pleased announce the full-time arrival of his big brother Jérome Thibault, who will complete the team. His new development ideas, his talents in mechanics, track maintenance, IT and social media will play a major role in the future of Motocross Deschambault.

I gave my two sons the green light to take the park to the next level. We will work all year round on the development of motocross. Since 1990, I have worked hard to make known the safe practice of our sport to new enthusiasts, government, municipal and journalistic authorities. Motocross Deschambault is now the benchmark throughout North America. Working with my sons gives me enormous satisfaction and will allow us to offer our customers exceptional track conditions as well as an even more pleasant and safe experience.

I would like to thank all those who have contributed directly or indirectly to the success of Motocross Deschambault since 1977.

Have a good season everyone, come visit us this summer.

The Thibault Family