Official Word on Cancellation of 2nd Half of Edmonton Amateur Day

By Billy Rainford

RAD Torque Raceway motocross 2023

It was a tough day at RAD Torque Raceway on Sunday for the first Amateur Day following Round 1 of the Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals in Edmonton, Alberta.

After getting through the first motos in all classes, the decision was made during intermission to cancel the 2nd motos.

Here’s the official word from Jetwerx on the situation:

From Kyle Thompson:

It was a group decision with myself, the head official, president of ACM and another board member.

Just not being able to properly water the infield without it turning to an ice rink. Safety was our main concern. The outfield dirt was fine, just need to improve the dirt on the infield.

Jetwerx will take the L on this. We appreciate everyone for coming to race, watch, and spend the weekend. ACM was a huge help as well as the folks at Rad Torque.

We will continue to look for ways to bring motocross to new levels here in Canada.”