On the Radar: Simon Taillefer

By Jeff McConkey

Name:  Simon Taillefer
Age: 23
Hometown: Laval , QC
Occupation: Technician at Speedomax Intl.
Number: 121
Bike: 2015 KTM 250 sx , 2014 KTM 250 sx
Race Club:  CMRC, MMRS, AMA
Classes:  Junior mx2, mx1, mx3  (C class)  Youth C-D
Let's get to know Simon Taillefer in this week's 'On the Radar' column. - Sylvain Broeur photo

Let’s get to know Simon Taillefer in this week’s ‘On the Radar’ column. – Sylvain Brodeur photo

How did you get started in racing?  
My dad was a snowmobile rider so when we were young  my brother and I used to ride around the house with my dad’s sled and my brother was pretty good at it, so when my cousin who was racing snocross at the time saw him ride, he made him try a race . We were hooked so we both started to race snocross. Then, to be more in shape for the winter, I bought a dirt bike at the age of 18. At first it was practice only but once you’re a racer the only thing you want to do is race so I started racing 1 month after.
What is your favourite track and why?
I have to say that my favourite track would be Madoc. I love the flow of the track. I like to ride on hard pack tracks and the fact that when you are spectating you can see almost all of the track is a big bonus.
Who is your favourite rider and why?  
I don’t have one really but I’m a huge fan of American motocross. I follow it more closely so what I do is pick a rider that’s coming through the amateur ranks that  I think will win. I make sure it’s an underdog so no one picks him and then when he wins I make fun of my friends and tell them I told you!
My last pick was Jeremy Martin and  everybody was making fun of me at the beginning  but last year when he won 5 of the first 6 motos of the outdoor season, let me tell you something, I was happy. Now that he proved he can win and a lot of people are cheering for him I have to choose another one…hmm…I’ll go with Aaron Plessinger.
Simon has an interesting way of choosing his favourite rider. - Melissa Emond photo

Simon has an interesting way of choosing his favourite rider. – Melissa Emond photo

What Canadian Pro do you look up to and why?  
Eve Brodeur.  I met her when she was 10 years old and I saw in her something special. I knew right away that this little girl had everything to be the next champ. Me and her dad, Sylvain, became friends and I started helping them as much as I can. Eve is not only good on the track but off the track too she does everything possible to be better, whether it’s training or riding or school work.  She impresses me a lot with her dedication to the sport and everything that goes with it .
Who is your hero?
My hero is my brother – he’s a mentor for me. He showed me the ropes of racing and he’s always there to help me out with anything I need. He’s such a hard worker on and off the track and his never-give-up attitude brought  him to the Winter X-Games last year.  
What are your goals for this season?  
My goals this season are pretty simple: I want to be top five in every race I do, ride like I know how to ride and don’t have a major injury. Promoting my sponsors as much as I can is also one of my priorities.
What are your biggest accomplishments?
I don’t have a major title or a major race win but what I’m pretty proud is that I was able to win races in every thing I’ve raced: motocross, arenacross, snocross and karting. One thing that I’m also proud of is that I was able to lose 70 pounds last winter to get ready for the season. 
Simon was able to shed 70 pounds last year to be in tip top shape for motocross. - Harvey Gold photo

Simon was able to shed 70 pounds last year to be in tip top shape for motocross. – Harvey Gold photo

What is your favourite part about going to the races?
Of course, crossing the finish line in first place would be my favourite part (laughs). There’s no better feeling than that but all the racing part of it I enjoy it so much. I’ll probably be racing my whole life whether is dirt bike, car, motorcycle, kart or even lawnmower (laughs).
What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?
When I’m not racing I like to hang out with friends, ride my jet ski or my kart. I also like to road bike – it’s good for training and I enjoy doing it. I can’t stay at home and do nothing.
Who would you like to thank?
I would like to thank Sylvain, Helene and Eve Brodeur for everything they’ve done for me. They have been like a family for me for the past couple of years. My brother Max who’s a great help for me and all the great company that I have support from:  Duroy KTM, Motovan, Kutvek, Dunlop, Forma boots, Oakley, Ec3d, Rekluse Canada, Dt1 filters, Mika metals, Jwtf, Activate Drinks, FMF, Canada’s Motorcycle, Evans coolant.