Faces at the Races|Regina National Round 4

By Billy Rainford

“You’ll have to forgive my tardiness, I had to kill a man…”

If you can tell me where that quote is from, you get a free sticker. It’s time for our weekly look at the people under the helmets and around the race track. I had to leave Regina, eventually, so this week’s ‘Faces’ is a little later than we would have liked. It doesn’t matter which way you go when you leave Saskatchewan, there’s a lot of open space to cover! Remember, this is all in good fun, so here’s ‘Faces at the Races’ for round 4 of the 2016 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals at Moto Valley just outside Regina.

20160625- Shelby Turner

Let’s Start with Saturday and the final round of the Women’s West Nationals. Congratulations to #50 Shelby Turner on winning the #1 plate for 2017.


There’s your top 10 overall: Danika White, Kristin Tse, Courtney Stelter, Kate Lees, Madi Watt, Brittany Danyluk, Dominique DaffĂ©, Lexi Pechout, Sara King, and Shelby Turner.

20160625- Kennedy Lutz

The podium for the final round that included #44 Kennedy Lutz who was in a league of her own in Regina.

20160625- Lexi Pechout

Lexi Pechout will be tough to beat when she gets the whole ‘jumping’ side of moto figured out.

20160625 Courtney Stelter

Nobody really likes to get the Hard Charger Award because it rarely means you got the holeshot and checked out…


The winning scooters for the day.


They may not be getting rich, but the women always get the coolest trophies and prizes!

20160625- Shelby Turner

Both Shelby and Courtney blasted off after the races and headed straight to ‘Red Bull Rocks and Logs’ in Calgary, which Lexi won…again.


Getting a bird’s eye view from atop the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing rig.


Cycle North’s Kourtney Lloyd giving Sara King some final encouragement.

20160625- Kennedy Lutz

Kennedy Lutz looks even faster this year after spending so much time at Real Deal MX. Did I mention she’s racing Loretta Lynn’s in the Ladies and 450 C classes?


The colours of pre-race tension and anxiety.


#93 Jamie Routley and Courtney Stelter before a moto.

20160625- Madi Watt

“I said Captain, he said Watt…” Anyone?


Sara went down hard in the first moto and was a little shaken up heading into the final one.

20160625 Dave MacGregor Lexi Pechout

I wish I could say Dave MacGregor didn’t see me taking this shot, but…

20160625- Shelby Turner

Some nice product placement here.

20160625- Kennedy Lutz

“No, I’m trying to get a shot of you putting it on…take it off and do that again!” Wink, wink.

20160625- Kyle Springman

You know those graphics that show a caveman developing over the eons? Well, this, I’m afraid, is now the final one in the sequence.


Well, I guess everyone will see this poster at some point in the day, right?

20160625- Dave MacGregor

Hi, Dave.


Yes, we actually were keeping Darryl Danyluk up.

20160625 Denaye Arnett

Past champion, Denaye Arnett, is due to be a mom very soon!


There is some serious moto history in this conversation.

20160625- Lexi Pechout

Lexi with the game face.

20160625 Madi Watt

Madi likes to keep things a little lighter.


Jared Petruska with a near smile before a moto.

20160625- Paul Kingsley

“Wait, did you just call me old?”

20160625-Kristi Moore

Take a bow and a break, Kristi Moore.


Hey, you were at the FXR ride day!

20160625- John Meaney

John is one of the last guys whose last name should be ‘Meaney.’

20160625- Kristin Tse

Let’s see you dislocate almost every finger on your right hand in the first moto and still line up for moto two! That was impressive, Kristin Tse.


A few pre-race smiles…



20160625- Brittany Danyluk

Brittany Danyluk keeping things serious.

20160625-Shawn Robinson

Hey, I’m old school, so you can just imagine how high Shawn Robinson’s clutch lever looks to me!

20160625- Kennedy Lutz

Kennedy, you can’t show up at the final round and NOT think I’m going to chase you around for a photo!I showed Emily this photo and she asked me, “What’s in Yorkton?” I replied, “Hey, I’ve been there and I can’t answer that question.” Sorry, Yorkton, but I thought that was funny. Oh wait, Schrader’s! Schrader’s is in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.


He’d better get used to people snapping pics if his sons, Connor and Taylor Arsenault, keep improving the way they are.

20160625- Nolan Heppner

Isn’t this how OJ got off?


Headed for the prize table.

20160625- Kyle Biro

Hurry up and get the new hose done so we can have some Biros in Walton!

20160625- Ryeley Gallup

“Rollin’ in my 25.0. Ragtop down so my hair can flow…” Vanilla gets another reference!

20160626-Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson made the trek out to Regina.

20160626- Brett Metcalfe

Brett Metcalfe showing some intensity in Regina.


Colton Facciotti cuts a mean profile!

20160626-Cade Clason

Nobody likes a kiss-up, Cade Clason!

20160626-Mike Alessi

#800 Mike Alessi having a serious discussion with the gate and start straight. It worked, because he pulled the 2nd moto holeshot and broke the goose egg.

20160626- Davi Millsaps

Unfortunately for the rest of the field, #118 Davi Millsaps had the same conversation before the first moto and led wire to wire.

20160626 Matt Goerke

#1 Matt Goerke is NOT happy watching as Millsaps takes control of the MX1 class.

20160626- Brad Nauditt

Brad Nauditt getting his TV interview after the first moto.

20160626- Dusty Humphries Riley Brough

Riley Brough with the classic over the head of Dusty Humphries. Good luck tomorrow at Red Bud.

20160626- Eric Jeffery

#33 Eric Jeffery before a moto.

20160626- Davi Millsaps

Davi Millsaps might just be thinking of what’s for dinner, he’s been that dominant so far.

20160626- 100%

A little product placement shot.

20160626- 100%


20160626- Brad Nauditt

#18 Brad Nauditt getting set to head out for qualifying.

20160626- Kyle Springman

Hey, Kyle Springman, how many motos are we having in Regina this year?

20160626- McCoy Brough

Hey, McCoy Brough, can you answer the same question but look cooler when answering it?

20160626-JC Bujold

Eric and JC Bujold made the trip out to Regina.

20160626- Casey Keast

“Who IS this #44 guy, anyway???”

20160626-Dylan Delaplace

Dylan Delaplace before his first coffee Sunday morning. He probably doesn’t even drink coffee, but…

20160626- Dylan Wright

You don’t HAVE to be named Dylan to be a fast, young mxer, but it seems to help these days.

20160626-Josh Cox

Josh ‘Squishy’ Cox. It makes it easier with 2 Joshes in the Redemption pit.

20160626- Nolan Heppner

Fast American B rider, Nolan Heppner, and the Minnesota gang.

20160626- Nolan Heppner

Nolan was leading the first MX2 moto but crashed hard heading into a rhythm section and was done for the day. Hope you’re feeling better today, Nolan.

20160626- John Meaney

Is that something over there I should be shooting?

20160626- Shawn Maffenbeier

I dare you to ask Shawn Maffenbeier how his day went Sunday… Oh well, that’s his ‘off day’ out of the way for the summer.

20160626- Kaven Benoit

Kaven Benoit is the real deal in the MX1 class. He was the only one who kept an eye on Davi in the first moto. A random rear wheel mishap took him out of the 2nd.

20160626 Keylan Meston

#28 Keylan Meston.

20160626- Cole Thompson

Like his teammate in the MX1 class, #4 Cole Thompson is proving tough to beat in MX2.


I don’t know whose bike this was in the back of a truck, but it was cool.

20160625- Doug Pettis

And then a Doug went through a tunnel…

20160625- Michael DaSilva

Unfortunately, this is how #32 Michael DaSilva watched the races in Regina. His broken scaphoid will keep him out for a while.

20160626- Adam Crawford

I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked with these two Regina gems! Next year…

20160626- Davi Millsaps

Davi getting his onstage interview for the crowd.

20160626- Mike Alessi

Mike was pumped to finally get a Royal Distributing Holeshot Award in Regina. It’s hard to believe it was his first one.

20160626-Paul Delaurier

Davi’s mechanic, Paul Delaurier, had a rough start to his morning when the KTM 450 wasn’t cooperating. He obviously got it sorted out.

20160626- Donk

Ooh, that’s nice stoic moment from Donk.

20160626- Donk

I knew he couldn’t hold it!

20160626- Keylan Meston

Remember in ‘The Princess Bride’ when Fessic was told to go faster and he said, “I thought I WAS going faster?!”

20160626-Steve Simms

Well then don’t point behind him, Steve Simms!


In retrospect, this was a TERRIBLE place to stand!

20160626- Mike Alessi

“Go that way really really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.” Name that movie.

20160626- Brad Nauditt

Brad’s 2017 pink Shift gear was a big hit in the second moto.

20160626 Ryeley Gallup

#69 Ryeley Gallup snagged a huge holeshot in the second MX2 moto.


There were a lot of MX101 FXR Yamaha guys in the winner’s circle.

20160626- Dylan Wright

Dylan Wright is looking forward to heading east where he expects to frequent the podium.


Rockstar Gal.

20160626- Steph LeBlanc

Steph LeBlanc is already comfortable on the podium.

20160626 Claudie Lapointe

KTM’s Claudie Lapointe gets ‘Top Traveler Award’ for her crazy time out west.

20160626-Jess Pettis

#20 Jess Pettis looked solid at Moto Valley.

20160626-Brad Nauditt

See what I’m saying? He was easy to spot out there.

20160626 Brad Nauditt

OK, last one.

20160626- Matt Goerke

Matt Goerke is hoping for some luck as we head to the sands of Gopher Dunes.


Rockstar Gal.

20160626- matt Goerke

We’ve seen too much of this pose from the defending champion, so far.


20160626- Andy White

Andy White gets ready to shoot our ‘DMX Weekly Wrap Up Show Presented by FXR,’ and says, “see you at the races…”