Out of the Blue | Alivia Lucifora | Brought to You by Schrader’s

By Jensen Amyotte

Photos by Peter Lucifora

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Brought to you by Schrader’s

Name: Alivia Lucifora

Date of Birth: April 25, 2010

Hometown: Lindsay, Ontario

Grade: Grade 8

Race Number: 425

Bike: Suzuki RM 85

Race Club: AMO

Classes: Girls (9-16), Ladies B

This week, we feature #425 Alivia Lucifora from Lindsay, Ontario.

Who/ what inspired you to get into the sport of motocross and how long have you been racing/riding?

My dad inspired me to get into the sport of motocross. I have been riding for 10 years and racing for 7 years.

When not on a dirt bike how do you keep yourself busy? Are you involved in any other sports or extracurricular activities?

When I am not riding my dirt bike I like to play basketball.

Alivia’s favourite track is Motopark because she likes the big jumps.

What is your favorite track and why?

My favourite track is Motopark because I like the big jumps.

Who is your all-time favorite rider and why?

My favourite rider is Jett Lawrence because he has a lot of bike skills.

What event do you look forward to most every year? What’s one you don’t ever want to miss?

I look forward to all the Moto Cups every year and don’t want to miss them.

Alivia’s favourite rider is Jett Lawrence.

What are your plans for this upcoming season? Any specific events you’re looking forward to?

My plans for this upcoming season are to race AMO, Moto Cups, and other local races. I am looking forward to racing the Walton TransCan.

What kind of track/dirt do you feel you excel at most and why?

I feel that I ride best on hard packed dirt because I have a lot of experience riding on hard packed dirt.

What was your first race number when you started riding and how did you choose it?

My first race number was 425 and I chose it because it’s my birthday.

Watch for Alivia at AMO races, Moto Cups at Motopark, and the TransCan at Walton Raceway this coming summer.

Do you see yourself ever competing in the Canadian WMX Triple Crown series?

I do see myself competing in the Canadian WMX Triple Crown series and am looking forward to it.

Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my family, FXR, T.P Contracting, Full Factory MX, Ryno Power, and EVS.

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