Out of the Blue | Nicole Gaudern | Presented by Schrader’s

By Jensen Amyotte

Presented by Schrader’s

Name: Nicole Gaudern
Date of Birth: “26” every year…lol
Hometown: Riverton, WY; train in TX at Spoaks Motopark located in Lockhart, TX
Grade or occupation: Peter Pan Land
Race Number: 44
Bike: 2022 KX 250
Race Club: AMA
Classes: Women Pro; Vet A/B

This week, we feature Nicole Gaudern from Riverton, Wyoming. | Clint Wilson photo

From your first ride to where you are now what is something you never thought you would be able to overcome but have? 

Being able to live this lifestyle and keep going full throttle at it.  It started as a hobby then turned quickly into a lifestyle.

What event do you look forward to most every year, one you don’t ever want to miss? 

I always looked forward to the Pro Canadian Nationals; I have been racing the Nationals in Canada for several years.  I have missed the past couple seasons due to the pandemic. I’m hoping next season I will finally be able to race up there again.  I have met some amazing people over the years racing in Canada and always look forward to heading north each season.

What are your biggest accomplishments to date?

MX Sports Lucas Oil WMX Top 10 in the U.S., CMRC Rockstar Pro Canadian Nationals WMX Top 10, MRC Triple Crown Rockstar Pro Canadian Nationals WMX Top 10.

Nicole is on the bike year round. For her there is no off season! | Stephen Kanka photo

Are there any females out there who you feel have paved the way for other girls to be successful in motocross?  

Mary McGee is my all-time favorite female racer; she has been racing since before there was ever a women’s class.  Her credentials are unreal!  

What kind of track/dirt do you feel you excel at most and why?

I like the loamy wet dirt that gets super rough and ruts that are insane.  I always enjoyed Texas tracks because of the different dirt that is available to ride on, from sand tracks to nice loamy tracks to technical tracks and ruts that don’t go away.  

If you could give 1 piece of advice to a female of any age who wants to start riding what would it be? 

Go for it! 

Nicole lists cracking the top 10 in Canada as one of her biggest accomplishments. | Mad Moose Photography photo

What was your first race number and how did you choose it?

 #4 was my amateur number – I bought a 2005 KX 125 when I first started riding a dirt bike and the graphics on the bike had #4 on them, and I just kept that number and the same graphics on the bike for a few seasons.  haha!  I was new in the moto world and didn’t know anything so I kept the same graphics for a while.  Haha!  That number stuck until I received my pro license and then it changed to #44.  My entire journey has been built on faith and come to find out the #44 means “Faith”.  

Do you see yourself ever competing in the Canadian WMX Triple Crown series again? 

Can’t wait until I can get across the border again.

What are your thoughts on the Canadian WMX Triple Crown series?

When I first raced in Canada the Canadian WMX was put together by a group of ladies that excelled the sport for the women. We had full gates, payout was awesome, the awards were amazing, and the women all coming together to race added to the greatness!  When it changed hands there has been changes to make it better and each season was a trial on what worked.  I think it is still awesome!

If the borders ease up there’s a good chance we’ll see Nicole on the line in the Canadian WMX series this summer. | Stephen Kanka photo

What do you like to do in the off season? 

Is there an off-season?  LOL!

Who would you like to thank?

This list is extraordinary; so many people have made an impact on my journey racing across the U.S. and Canada.  The relationships made just through sponsorships have been huge.  I would like to thank all the friends I have made throughout this adventure, my family for all their support, and everyone that has made this dream a reality.  
Wild West Powersports
Off-Road Vixens
Spoaks Motopark
Jack Jackson
812 Suspension Design
Shock Sox
Fly Racing
FLO Motorsports
6D Helmets
Hyper X
Boyesen Factory Racing
Zilla Grip Tape
DirtFiend Racing
Riverton Tire & Oil – RTO Point S
Hammer Nutrition
MX Mounts
Coffee and Carbs Nutrition
Devol Racing
Gaudern Construction
Outlaw Snowbikes
Weaver’s Diesel Performance

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