Photo Report | Parts Canada TransCan | The Champions

By Billy Rainford

Well, that’s another Parts Canada TransCan GNC at Walton Raceway in the bag. It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years! Chris Lee and the gang took the successful Loretta Lynn’s template and brought it north to Canada and it worked. All summer long, amateur riders across Canada and the US think about this one week in Southwestern Ontario when they get to line up against the best of the best. And now, since Walton is no longer on the Pro Series schedule, Pro riders are able and welcome to race throughout the week in their perspective classes. It’s pretty cool.

After a full week’s schedule, champions have been crowned and special awards given out. Here is a look at who won what.

Barry Hetherington and the Walton Crew get stud status.

I feel I have to start anything to do with this year’s TransCan with a shot of Barry Hetherington. He and the crew absolutely killed it under the worst conditions imaginable! Well done, guys.

20160820- Embert Berkers

Yes, the day started out a little soggy. This is Embert ‘Dutchy’ Berkers putting his finger in the hole to top the flow. (Google it, Bowker!)

20160820- Austin Watling

Like #424 Austin Watling here, everyone was doing what they could to prepare for the early sloppy conditions.


They had the bike all set up but then went out and did a sight lap anyway.

20160821- Brad Nauditt

#18 Brad Nauditt won the +25 class with 1-1-3 motos. #36 Davey Fraser took the final muddy moto win.

20160821- Kyle Keast

#8 Kyle Keast had his way with the Vet Master class going 1-1.

20160818- Chris Pomeroy

Defending champ, #1 Chris Pomeroy, could have stopped for lunch and still won the +40 class.

20160818 Joey Crown

#59 Joey Crown took the Youth class and showed why he will be chasing a factory ride down south in the coming years.

20160819- Ryder McNabb

#164 Ryder McNabb was the winner in the 85 (7-11) class with 3-1-2 motos.

20160819- Trevor Maley

#71 Trevor Maley took the 85 (12-16) title after his protested cylinder head DQ was overturned.

20160819 Casey Cochran

#66 Casey Cochran took the 2-motos in the 65 (7-9) class.

20160819 Jesse James Sheddon

#09 Jesse James Sheddon from California won the youngest class of the week, 50 (4-6) with 2-1 motos ahead of #13 Brenner Lammens’ 1-3.

20160818 Mason Tucker

#277 Mason Tucker took the 50 (7-8) class win.

20160819- Kennedy Lutz

#44 Kennedy Lutz won the Ladies class but #79 Kassie Boone made her work for the final moto win.

20160818- Sam Gaynor

#28 Sam Gaynor won MX3 Junior A.

20160818- Nicolas Cryer

#17 Nicolas Cryer took the MX1 Junior title.

20160818- Marco Cannella

#46 Marco Cannella took the Schoolboy 2 title.


#90 Landrey Hazen took the Girls (Under 16) title ahead of #67 Emma Saarela.

20160819- Sam Gaynor

#28 Sam Gaynor won the MX2 Junior A title.

20160819 Casey Keast

#217 Casey Keast won MX3 Intermediate after #66 Christopher Fortier finished 1-1-DNF.

20160820 Casey Keast

#217 Casey Keast also took the MX1 Intermediate title.

20160820- Marco Cannella

#46 Marco Cannella took the Schoolboy 1 title.

20160819 Ethan Mann

#52 Ethan Mann from Texas took the Supermini win with 1-1-1 motos.

20160818- Mitchell Zaremba

#45 Mitchell Zaremba won the 65 (7-11) class 1-1.

20160820 Marco Cannella

#46 Marco Cannella took the final win of the week in the MX2 Intermediate class and took the title 2-1-1.

20160819- Christopher Fortier

Special shout out to #66 Christopher Fortier who was one of the fastest riders all week but had some bad luck. He pushed his bike off the track on the sight lap of the final moto and took it like a champ. Well done, Christopher.

2016 Special award winners:

2016 Total Devotion Award

2016 Bronze Boot Award

20160820-Kaven Benoit

We also got a first look at the Team Canada MXON bikes of Kaven Benoit and Shawn Maffenbeier.

20160820- Shawn Maffenbeier

#113 Shawn Maffenbeier.

20160820-Shawn Maffenbeier

See you at the races…