Parts Canada TransCan – Thursday Day 2

By Billy Rainford

We were treated to another sunny and warm day at the Parts Canada TransCan today for the second day of competition. Every class has done at least one moto and some got through two. There was little to no humidity Thursday and so riders could really let it all hang out. The weather will continue to get muggier as we head into the weekend, and it’s forecasted to be 30 degrees and humid. Here’s a look at some of the racing from Day 2:


#424 Austin Watling got the day rolling with a win in the MX2 Junior class ahead of Nicholas Denniston and Nathan Cryer.


+25 went to Ryan Lockhart with Zeb Dennis and Jay Burke chasing hard.The three were close the whole moto.


#35 Joey Crown will be in the hunt for the Bronze Boot this year. He won the MX3 Intermediate ahead of Marco Cannella and JC Bujold.


#527 Jake Tricco didn’t get the holeshot but led on the first lap. At the flag, he had a nice lead over #79 Cameron Wrozyna who had a gap on #241 Daylen Vanderslagt.


#1 Chris Pomeroy laid waste to the rest of the +40 class. Brett Dorian was second followed by Graeme Nelson.


There was a very good battle for the lead in the Ladies class. #1E Eve Brodeur took the win but #1W Sara King closed in but not close enough to challenge. Behind these two was #981 Julia Krzemein. Watch for their second moto at 1:05 Friday.


JC Bujold took the win in the MX1 Intermediate with a gap over #199 Connor Arsenault and #71 Carter Hutcherson.


#20 Jeremy McKie took the 85 (9-11) win with a 25-second gap over second place finisher #77 Damon Burbine who had a comfortable cushion on #411x Wyatt Liebeck.


#553 Nick Denniston took the MX3 Junior win while chaos ensued behind him. Watling recovered from stalling in turn 1 to finish 2nd on the last lap followed by #727 Bryan Cormier.


Young Blake Davies took the win in the 50cc (406) class ahead of Ben Kongmany and Fiona Koenig.


#60 Casey Cochran took the 7-9 win ahead of Preston Masciangelo and Sebastien Racine.


A crowd gathers every time #58 Nate Haas nears the 9 Commandments section. He won the Youth second moto ahead of Austin Dodd and Zeb Dennis. Jay Burke got a 40-second penalty for jumping the gate. He was thrilled about it.


#184 Tanner Ward took wins in both the Supermini and Schoolboy 1 motos. Supermini: Ward, Tricco, Piccolo. Schoolboy 1: Ward, Williams, Cryer.


Watling took another win in the MX1 Junior class with a gap on Denniston in second and Corey Sullivan third.


Maciangelo and Cocjrane put on a great show in the 2nd 50cc GP moto as they weaved through lapped riders who seemed to be falling in front of them in every corner. Cochran took the win and third went to Racine.


Lockhart also took the win in the Vet Master class with #939 Iain Hayden close behind. Third went to Chris Colenutt.


To end the day, we were treated to an amazing Schoolboy 2 battle between #46 Marco Cannella and #56 Kyle Biro. The two challenged each other the entire time and were only separated when they hit lapped traffic. Behind them, #42 Jesse Kirchmeyer rode a very wide bike that kept Bujold throwing fits behind him. Cannella took the win.


Racing starts with the MX2 Intermediate second moto. Let’s hope the medics can stay as relaxed as this tomorrow.