Photo Report | 2023 WCAN Day 2

By Billy Rainford

Here’s a look at the racing action from Day 2 at the 2023 Western Canadian Amateur National (WCAN) at Whispering Pines in Kamloops, BC.

We got lucky with the weather on Friday – there was some overcast and that meant we weren’t racing in 36C heat. It sprinkled a little late in the day but it wasn’t enough to turn the track into mud. Speaking of which, kudos to the track crew who kept the dust under control for Day 2. The track got nice and rough and riders got a chance to race on a good motocross track.

Let’s go through the motos:

The day started with the Open Intermediate class and #56 Blake Davies was up to his winning ways ahead of some great battles behind him.
#21 is Riley Hunt out front in the Open Beginner class.
#10 Braxton Zeitner got the holeshot in the Supermini moto but #48 Jayden Riley made the pass and took the win.
#221 Pat Shippit is the one to beat in the Plus 50 class.
Some of the best racing of the week has been in the Junior classes. #50 Wyatt Hasil took the win in the Open Junior first moto ahead of #517 Asher Brown and #91 Talin Fox.
#555 Dallas Pankoff won the second 50 (7-8) moto ahead of #312 Kade Dupuis, but his 4th in moto 1 has him down a couple points.
#17 Sawyer Saunders in 1-1 in the younger 50 (4-6) class.
#936 Peyton Belisle built a nice lead in the 2nd Girls (9-16) moto for the win.
#518 Parker Hatt from Calgary is 1-1 in 65 Open.
One of the better motos of the day was the Vet Junior 2nd race. #3/22 Scott Donkersgoed hald off the pressure of the 3 riders on his rear fender the entire time for the win.
#3 Shawn Maffenbeier is preparing for the Pro National on Sunday and won the 2nd Vet Master moto ahead of Kaven Benoit, Brock Hoyer, Davey Fraser, and Ryan Lockhart.
#52 Brock Henry stayed on the rear wheel of Blake Davies in the Open Intermediate 2nd moto to give us another one of the best races of the day. Davies finally got challenged but held on for the win.
And then something else happened: #5 Annalyse Lopushinski managed to keep #1 Eve Brodeur behind her all the way to the flag! It was a great race.
And then #517 Asher Brown put a stop to Wyatt Hasil’s wins by catching and passing him for the win in the 250 Junior moto2 after a very good ride.
Shawn Maffenbeier came back and won the 2nd Pro Am moto ahead of #25 Daniel Elmore. Quinn Amyotte got by Jyire Mitchell for 3rd while a nice battle between Wyatt Kerr, Zach Ufimzeff, and Parker Eales took place behind them.
#19 Deagan Gibney is 1-1 in the 65 (7-9) class.
Remember the names #518 Parker Hatt and #55 Cruz Gordon. They’ve split wins in the 65 (10-11) class.
#48 Jayden Riley took the 85 (12-16) moto 2 win after the lunch break where I fell asleep in a chair in the Schofield pit…and I think a few people saw me.
#312 Kade Dupuis has now split 50 Open moto wins with Pankoff.
#517 Asher led the 250 Junior 2nd moto until just over a lap to go when #50 Wyatt Hasil took the lead and the win in another great race.
Braxton Zeitner is the one to beat in the 85 (7-11) class.
#517 Asher and #50 Hasil went at it again in the 2nd Schoolboy 2 moto. Hasil seemed to ease up late in the moto and Asher took this one.
Great racing!
A few riders who are racing on Sunday decided not to race the Under 30 moto and #44 Dylan Rempel took full advantage of it. He won the moto ahead of #52 Brock Henry.
Eve Brodeur came back and won the only 3rd moto of the day in the Ladies class ahead of Lopushinski.
Tanner Scott was “chasing settings” in his Schoolboy 2nd moto but he did enough to keep a charging Jayden Riley behind him for the win.
#20 Shane Cuthbertson and #120 Jim Frederickson have been putting on a show in the Plus 40 class. Jim was able to make the pass and take the win today.
#56 Blake Davies kept Henry behind him again, this time in the Open Intermediate class.
#121 Riley Hunt got by #139 Hunter Tse for the win in Open Beginner.
We’ve got a few standouts here this week and #48 Jayden Riley is definitely one of them. He ran away with the 2nd Supermini moto.
After we all stopped and looked for a missing 3-year-old (They found him!), #221 Pat Shippit was back at it and took the Plus 50 moto 2 win ahead of Jeff Evernden.
The final moto of the day was the Open Junior class. Wyatt Hasil managed to pull away to end Day 2.
Let’s end this one with another look at that rut! The track was good today. We had a few more medic calls than we would like, but the track was a real MX track for Friday.
Davey Fraser, Kaven Benoit, Shawn Maffenbeier, and Brock Hoyer say “See you at the races…” from a very competitive Vet class!

Full results HERE.