Photo Report: New Era Motopark Cup|Round 2

By Billy Rainford

Here’s a look at some of the racing action from Round 2 of the New Era Motopark Cup in Chatsworth, Ontario. It was a great weekend with lots of tight racing and a chance to look at a few riders who will now head west to compete in the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals. Here’s a look at some of the racing action from Round 2 of the New Era Motopark Cup in Chatsworth, Ontario. It was a great weekend with lots of tight racing and a chance to look at a few riders who will now head west to compete in the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals.

Full results can be found HERE.

Tanner Ward

The first moto of the day was the MX2 Junior (or ‘sponge class’ as we used to call them). #184 Tanner Ward was the rider to beat in this class, followed by #101 Shayne Mercieca and #28 Sam Gaynor.

Hunter Scott

#22 Hunter Scott is becoming a really fun rider to watch on the track. He took both the 85 (7-11) and Supermini classes.

Austin Watling

#424 Austin Watling and #46 Marco Cannella continued their battles at Motopark with Watling taking MX1 Intermediate with 1-1 motos.

Shawn Maffenbeier

#15 Shawn Maffenbeier took the Under 30 class (1-1).

Nathan Bles

#56 Nathan Bles chased him around to 2-2 motos for 2nd overall.

Joey Crown

#335 Joey Crown from Michigan made the last-minute decision to head to the Moto Cup and took 3rd overall in Under 30 after a 2nd moto front flat slid him back to 4th. He finished 2nd in the first moto.

Hayden Halstead Dylan Wright

Teammates #35 Hayden Halstead and #17 Dylan Wright get a little close during a moto.

Dylan Wright

A crash early left Dylan Wright chasing the field.

Shawn Maffenbeier

Maff drops into the valley as Crown is egged on.

Tanner Ward

Tanner Ward was impressive in this tough group, finishing 5th overall with 6-6 motos.

Kyle Miller

#219 Kyle Miller took the College Boy (17-24) class.

Carter Kolarek

#891 Carter Kolarek finished in 2nd.

Tanner Scott

Young #46 Tanner Scott won the 65 Pee Wee (10-11) class.

Ryder Reinhart

#23 Ryder Reinhart finished 2nd in 65 Pee Wee (7-9).


The start didn’t go so well for this young rider as he got his front wheel against the rear wheel of #25 Tristan Dares. He got up and was fine.

Chris Pomeroy

#126 Chris Pomeroy went 1-1 in the Vet 40+ class.

Chris Pomeroy

Chris and Ayrton Pomeroy cruising the pits.

Joey Crown

#335 Joey Crown took the Pro Am class with 1-2 motos.

Nathan Bles

Nathan Bles was 2nd (2-3).

Zeb Dennis

#713 Zeb Dennis ended up 3rd with 3-5 motos.

Zeb Dennis

Zeb after his moto talking with Dave Bell.

Dylan Wright

#17 Dylan Wright was 4th (5-4).

Hayden Halstead

#35 Hayden Halstead was 5th (6-6).

Cale Foster

MX101 mechanic, Cale Foster, thinks about the busy week ahead.

Taylor Ciampichini

#68 Taylor Ciampichini was 6th in Pro Am with 4-11 motos.

Yanick Boucher

#719 Yanick Boucher finished next (9-7).

Duncan MacLeod

#411 Duncan MacLeod finished 8th (8-8).

RJ Roy

7-9 motos gave RJ Roy 9th.

Shawn Maffenbeier

#15 Shawn Maffenbeier was definitely the fastest on the track but a flat tire in the first moto gave him DNF-1 for 10th overall. They went with a rear mousse for the final moto.

Josh Cox

Shawn’s mechanic, Josh Cox, waves the towel to keep Shawn charging.

Estrella Cemovic

#265 Estrella Cemovic looked solid going 1-1 in the Ladies class.

Estrella Cemovic

Estrella getting ribbed by Dave Bell in her post-victory chat.

Estrella Cemovic

The story I got was that her mom put Dave up to it, getting him to pester her about potential boyfriends and other teenage stuff.

Emma Saarela

#110 Emma Saarela was 2nd.

Erica Solmes

She and #156 Erica Solmes swapped places giving Erica 3rd overall.

Taylor Julien

#188 Taylor Julien finished 1-1 for first in Ladies B.

Nate Fazio

#131 Nate Fazio went 1-1 in Vet Junior for the win. They peaked up and lengthened the showcase triple for the weekend.

Marco Cannella

MX2 Intermediate went to #46 Marco Cannella (2-1).

Austin Watling

Of course, it was #424 Austin Watling he traded wins with (1-2).

Marco Cannella

Marco gets his chance to chat with Dave after his win.

Austin Watling

Austin had his chance earlier in MX1 Intermediate.

Owen Whalen

#177 Owen Whalen took 3rd (4-3).

Matthew Meszaros

#999 Matthew Maszeros took MX1 Junior (2-1).

Brad Coles

Label It! #699 Brad Coles took the Vet 50+ class (1-1).

Brad Coles

He still ‘parties like it’s 19…83!’

Zeb Dennis

Zeb’s moto is actually on the line next but there he was still picking rocks!


Picking gates in the Supermini class.


The crowd gets ready for the best moto of the day.


Who says moto isn’t a team/family sport?!


A Supermini moto blasts into turn 1.


Hunter Scott took the class with 1-1 motos, but it was great racing!

Matthew Cemovic

#101 Matthew Cemovic finished 2nd (2-3).


#32 Seth Hughes finished 3rd (3-4).


They were like this the entire 2nd moto!

Austin Tremblay

#294 Austin Tremblay took a DNF in moto 1 but came back for 2nd in the final race for 9th overall.


Get used to seeing these two dads (Jim Scott (left) and Dan Tricco) at the races as their kids will be fixtures in Canadian moto for years to come.

Josh Snider

Josh Snider really sticks his neck out to make the Redemption Racing team come together.

Alex Jeffery

#50 Alex Jeffery hit the track in the Pro class. He was often the top Intermediate rider at last year’s Pro Am Nationals.


Maffenbeier thinking ahead to his future hearing…WHAT???


I caught Billy Wright smiling on the way to the gate.

Yanick Boucher

Yanick Boucher lines up between a couple solid up-and-comers.

Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward with some gate prep.

Taylor Ciampichini

Taylor sees me seeing him.


Helping out at the gate.


Hey, Matthew and Luke, send us a resum√©! (Someone tell me the other kid’s name is either Mark or John!)

Kraig Reinhart

If Kraig Reinhart knew then…

Kraig Reinhart

He took one heck of a hard, high-speed crash. Hope you’re feeling better today, Kraig.

Marco Cannella

Cannella and Watling were back at it in the second last moto of the day. Marco won MX3 Intermediate with 2-1 motos.

Austin Watling

Austin Watling was 2nd (1-2).

Davin Grose

3rd went to #818 Davin Grose. Thanks for the use of the Yamaha TTR110, Davin.

Zeb Dennis

Vet 30+ was the final race and went to #713 Zeb Dennis.

Stephen Anderson

It was great to see #396 Stephen Anderson back at the races.

Dusty Wise

Dusty Wise borrowed a bike and took 5-DNF for 5th in Vet 30+. There were a lot of DNF’s listed in this class.

Matt Hansford

#383 Matt Hansford took 3rd.

Emma Saarela

Getting Emma ready on the line.


Dropping in to the rhythm section.


On the gas and looking ahead.

Dylan Wright

Dylan Wright was scrubbing this jump like he was mad at it!


Keeping the dust down.

Nathan Bles

Nathan gassing up.


That will do it for round 2 of the New Era Motopark Cup. Thanks for looking, and see you at the races…