Prescott Valley Arenacross | The Top 12

By Billy Rainford

Let’s have a look at how the top 12 did at Round 4 of the 2023 AMA Arenacross Championship at Findlay Toyota Center in Prescott Valley, Arizona, on Friday night.

Like most AX races, the day and night were not without drama. We’ll have a quick look at some of that, too.

Before we talk about the Pro class, we have to acknowledge the smooth and stylish riding of #723 Landon Gibson who took the win in the Supermini class. He was getting through the whoops as fast as most of the top riders were!
And let’s get this one out of the way. #726 Gared Steinke wasn’t happy with the way #68 Cade Clason moved him high in the first turn of their Heat race. “Stank Dog” went over the first turn berm and was essentially out of this one. He waited for Cade to come around and punted him off the track in the same spot. He was DQ’d for the move and then punched Cade in the jaw in the pits when the two of them exchanged heated words. Of course, I missed all of it!

12. #97 Devin Harriman KTM (7-12)

#97 Devin Harriman grabbed a couple great starts and was in the mix early in both Mains. In his words he “ran out of talent” and then lost his rear brake in the 2nd main, dropping him back.

11. 500 Julien Benek KAW (10-9)

#500 Julien Benek lead the first lap of Main #1 but lost the front end and went down. He was up in 3rd place early in Main #2 but crossed the flag in 9th. It was a good learning experience for the rider out of Mission, BC.

10. 2 Kyle Bitterman HON (11-6)

#2 Kyle Bitterman didn’t have the night he would have liked. He was down and at the back of the pack in both Mains but holds on to 2nd in the series.

9. 78 Grant Harlan YAM (4-11)

#78 Grant Harlan found himself in some of the action, too. He had a solid 4th in Main 1 and then went down in Main 2 and dropped back. The Wageman Brothers were a little upset with him when he left the track and words were spoken.

8. 412 Jared Lesher YAM (8-7)

#412 Jared Lesher ripped his 250 2-stroke to a couple consistent finishes.

7. Dominique Thury YAM (9-5)

Nique was fast all day and found himself in a nice battle with Benek in Main #2.

6. 84 Mitchell Harrison GAS (12-1)

Harrison probably could have won both Mains, but he hit the back end of Harriman in the whoops and crashed hard in Main #1. His bike was all bent up and he limped home. He won Main #2 and made it look pretty easy.

5. 68 Cade Clason KAW (2-10)

Cade qualified fastest and looked good heading to the Mains. Unfortunately, he was a little battered and bruised going in and found the ground a few times on the day. Let’s all keep an eye on him and Steinke at San Diego this weekend.

4. 388 Brandon Ray HON (6-4)

B Ray is always fun to watch out there. He came together with Peters early in Main #1 and Kyle went over the berm after the finish line. Peters slid right before the contact, so I really don’t think it was a “takeout move.”

3. 1 Kyle Peters HON (1-8)

I didn’t think anyone was going to have anything for Kyle in the Mains, and I’m not sure they would have had he not gone down in #2. He’s the 3-time champ for a reason and even with the influx of SX regulars, I think his experience would have given the wins. He has a 33-point lead in the series.

2. 59 Robbie Wageman SUZ (5-2)

Robbie moved forward in both Mains and also took home the 1 v 1 money. He was in some good battles in Main #1 and ended up alone in 2nd in Main #2.

1. 981 Austin Politelli HON (3-3)

Consistency was the name of the game for Austin Politelli. He moved up as others made mistakes and his 3-3 gave him the overall on the night.

#518 Parker Eales KTM B Main – 10th

Our other Canadian was #518 Parker Eales from Maple Ridge, BC. He kept having to start from the outside gate in his races. He was 6th in the LCQ and headed to the B Main where he was in some good battles, finishing 10th and banking some more experience.
Friday – AX Pro   View Laptimes   View Points for this Class Points for this class
Overall   Name Heat Semi Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
  Heat 1
 – 3rd 3rd 28
  Heat 4
  Semi 2 
5th 2nd 27
  Heat 3
 – 1st 8th 25
  Heat 2
 – 6th 4th 24
  Heat 1
  Semi 2 
2nd 10th 22
  Heat 2
  Semi 1 
12th 1st 21
  Heat 2
 – 9th 5th 20
  Heat 4
  Semi 2 
8th 7th 19
  Heat 4
 – 4th 11th 19
  Heat 4
 – 11th 6th 17
  Heat 3
 – 10th 9th 15
  Heat 1
 – 7th 12th 15

Next Round – January 20th, Guthrie, OK