Photos from Fox Raceway in Pala – Tuesday | The Place was Buzzing!

By Billy Rainford

Word on the street was that Fox Raceway in Pala, California, was going to be the place to be on Tuesday, so that’s where I pointed the #DMXVan.

I got there at around 9:30 and the place was already buzzing with pros on the Supercross track.

Judging from the fact that 98% of the riders were going around the whoops, they were pretty gnarly today. Here are a bunch of photos from a sunny and warm day at the track…finally!

It was good to see #84 Mitchell Harrison on the bike after those hard hits Saturday night in San Diego.
#93 Jerry Robin was 5th in the LCQ and missed the 250 Main.
#89 Kaeden Amerine was 12th in the LCQ.
#388 Brandon Ray was 7th in the LCQ at Snapdragon Stadium.
#90 Tristan Lane has raced in Canada and finished 7th in the 450 LCQ.
#995 Christopher Prebula missed the night show by 2.5/10 of a second.
#173 Hunter Schlosser was 44th in 250 qualifying.
#66 is our old friend Henry Miller.
The whoops were a rodeo, but you had to admire #158 Tre Fierro going for them every lap. He said he needs work in whoops so he was going to just keep sending it in them.
#98 Garen Stapleton was 18th in the 250 Main.
#46 Justin Hill was 13th in the 450 Main.
I just had dinner (TACO TUESDAY!) with #68 Cade Clason and the rest of the Partzilla PRMX team at Julien Perrier’s Air BnB. Cade had that missed brake issue in the LCQ and didn’t get into the Main.
#79 Devin Walsh is fun to watch ride. He was 11th in the 250 Main.
#538 Addison Emory was not happy with how San Diego went. He’ll regroup for A2 this week.
Joe Kremkow and Kraig Riese working the stopwatch for the PRMX boys.
#364 Chad Saultz has also raced in Canada. He missed the night show last week and was putting in the work today.
#518 Parker Eales from Maple Ridge, BC missed the night show but is starting to get a handle on this SX stuff.
I don’t usually shoot photos of riders with no numbers or graphics, but #120 Todd Bannister is a hard-working privateer, so here he is.
#146 is Brandon Marley from Tennessee. He missed the night show in SD.
#208 Logan Leitzel busted out the 250 and did some work on it after a flat put the 450 in the trailer. He snuck into the night show in 40th and then placed 16th in the LCQ.
What finger is Kaeden using here?
#597 Mason Kerr was the best through the tough whoops today. Impressive.
#412 Jared Lesher on his sweet YZ250 2-stroke. He was 17th in the 450 LCQ last week but sounded fantastic!
Kevin Urqhart talking things over with Parker.
#410 Brandon Scharer was 15th in the 450 LCQ.
#219 Chase Marquier was 11th in the 450 LCQ last week. He missed dinner because he was doing yoga.
#76 Dominique Thury was 16th in the 250 Main in SD.
Meanwhile, there was a few Canucks riding the MX track. That’s Charlie Johnson from Calgary. He’s a Race Tech….tech.
He and #25 Danika White are down here until after A2.
It was cool to see some of the SX Futures guys on the track today. That’s #12 Parker Ross (stays at Viney Ranch)with Ryan Hughes.
I stand by my theory that a seemingly nothing photo like this will be one people enjoy more than a tight riding shot in the distant future. Time will tell…
Parker look comfortable on a SX track. And he hit the whoops every lap, even if he jumped them.
And there’s Noah Viney without a cast on his right arm. He’ll be back on the bike very soon.
#702 Hunter Cross is a rider you can always count on to throw down some great style. He didn’t have a good LCQ and missed the 250 Main.
#28 Preston Boespflug should be one of the quicker Futures rider this week.
#55 Dylan Cunha is another rider to keep an eye on.
I think I speak for all the males out there that it’s great to see #604 Max Miller on the bike after that very painful injury last week in SD.
#66 is Casey Cochran.
Pro were allowed to ride while the Futures kids got their turn.
Talk to me in 2043 about how funny this truck looks.
Danika on her street legal bike on the track today. I could see by her brake light whether or not she was “hitting her marks.”
#5 is Mike Downey from Kelowna, BC. He told us the Ross Pederson story.
#86 Jari Heinonen. He still looks great on the bike at 60.
#15 Dexter Seitz was on the MX track today.
He was looking good in the ruts on his Supermini.
Jackie Seitz was there while JC was doing his official Fox Racing stuff.
Canucks! See you at the races…

It sounds like Lake Elsinore is the place we’ll be tomorrow. Thanks for looking.