By DMX Staff

This news may not seem like a big deal today, but if the future is in the expanded presence of electric bikes (including Motocross) then this is a huge step forward for the standardization of batteries. To put it into perspective, just imagine if every bike in today’s market had their own gas you were forced to use.


Piaggio, KTM, Honda, Yamaha Sign Swappable Batteries Agreement to Increase Range and Lower Cost

a close up of a motorcycle: Vespa Elettrica image used for reference© Provided by The Financial Express Vespa Elettrica image used for reference

The Piaggio Group has signed an agreement with manufacturers like KTM, Yamaha and Honda. This agreement is to set up a consortium for swappable batteries. Transition to electromobility is what all these manufacturers intend to do in the near future and this consortium will definitely help them to achieve economies of scale. A standard, swappable battery, it is believed, will help achieve this faster and also urge users to go in for electric vehicles. At present. this agreement between the motorcycle world giants is for light electric vehicles. The battery life management will also be way better in this fashion. Range extension is also guaranteed through this method and lower costs as well. This consortium is expected to start from May 2021. The aforementioned will be deemed as the founding members while other manufacturers are being encouraged to join this fold and help develop sustainable vehicle technology.

With the signing of this letter of intent“, commented Michele Colaninno, Piaggio group chief of strategy and product, “the signatories show their proactiveness vis-à-vis the major concerns of their customers and the political priorities as regards the electrification of vehicles. An international standard for the swappable batteries system will make this technology efficient and at the disposal of the consumers. Finally,” concluded Michele Colaninno, “a strengthened cooperation among manufacturers and institutions will allow the industry to better respond to the main challenges of the future of mobility.

Piaggio India too has signed up with Sun Mobility wherein the latter provides batteries and charging stations for the Ape range of electric vehicles. While the brand may not be big enough in the current scheme of scooter or motorcycle things, it does intend to create a splash. Especially given that EVs in the personal space too are being planned by the group. We might also see the Vespa Elettrica making its India debut soon.