Ryno Power Canada Awards from Round 6 at Sand Del Lee

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Ryno Power Canada

Taking the Ryno Power Canada award in the #WMX class at Sand Del Lee is #92 Bella Morgan.

Bella finished what I think has to be a career best with 10-5 motos for 6th overall.

She’s still very young so a performance like this will go a long way to getting her confidence where it needs to be to do it again and keep improving.

As if we’re NOT going to give #31 William Crete the Ryno Power Canada award for the 250 class this week!

William lined up for his first Canadian Triple Crown Series MX National of the year and pulled two beautiful holeshots and led several laps before finishing 7-7 for 7th overall.

Come on down and pick up the keys to your brand new Buick! Just kidding, but we do have some Ryno Power product for you after that performance.

The Ryno Power Canada award in the 450 class at Sand Del Lee is going to #886 Alexandre Gougeon from Terrebonne, Quebec.

He was ripping on a brand new Husqvarna 350 and I had no idea who he was – showing my lack of Quebec Hare Scrambles knowledge.

I asked them in staging who they were and I told them how impressed I was with his comfort level on some of the sketchier parts of the track (seat-bouncing the rutted out finish line table, for one).

He finished an impressive 10-9 to crack the top 10 in 9th overall and is well-deserving of the prize this week, I’d say.

I’m not sure when/if we’ll see him again, so can someone let him know we’ve got some Ryno Power product with his name on it, please?