Photo Report | FWM AX Amateur Points Leaders and Pro Am

By Billy Rainford

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Here’s a look at some of the points leaders from the 2022 Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Championships at Chilliwack Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC after 2 rounds of action.

(I apologize for not getting photos of everyone, but I’m out here on mom-with-dementia watch and it just wasn’t in the cards for me to spend more time in the barn or actually get on the track. I could only run in, snap a shot or 3, and then run back out to the car.)

50 (4-6)

#101 Meston Lockhart fro Surrey, BC leads the youngest class racing in the barn, the 50 (4-6) class. He’s 1-1 so far while #788 Oliver Berg from Alberta sits 2nd.

50 (7-8)

#114 is Ryan Taylor from Calgary is also undefeated in the older 50cc class.

50 Open

#62 Kruz Garwaziuk (one of the coolest names out there next to #27 Ace Core in the 4-6 class, of course) leads the 50 Open class with 1-1 Mains.

65 (7-9)

#518 Parker Hatt, also from Calgary, leads the 65 (10-11) class ahead of another great name, #15 Fisher Bentley. But let’s not forget about #25 Cash Riley in this class! The names of these younger class kids always keep me scrolling.

65 (10-11)

#213 Hayden Dupuis from Calgary leads the older 65 class with 1-1 Mains.

65 Open

Hayden also leads the 65 Open class without a blemish.

85 (7-11)

#10 Braxton Zeitner leads 85 (7-11) and is from just down the road in Yarrow, BC.

85 (12-16)

#15 Dexter Seitz from Alberta leads the older 85cc class with 1-2 Mains over #48 Jayden Riley, also from Alberta.


#247 Tegan Kortenbach from, you guessed it, Alberta, leads the Supermini class with 2-1 Mains ahead of Riley and Seitz..


The Junior classes belong to #930 Liam Dodds from Revelstoke, BC. He’s back after a leg injury and should give the Junior class fits in 2023.


The Intermediate classes, 250 and Open, are led by #130 Devyn Smith who is yet to be beaten.

Girls (9-16)

#505 Zayla Goode is tied in points with #11 Grace Turner.


#1 (09) Annalyse Lopushinsky is the one to beat in the Ladies class. We need some more to show up next weekend to make this a battle. Kaylie Kayer, we’re looking at you!
She also got out there and mixed it up in the Junior class and took 3rd in the final moto.

New Kid Beginner

#23 Sylvie Halmana leads New Kid Beginner.

Open Beginner

#236 Ryan Firth leads Open Beginner.

Schoolboy 1

#48 Jayden Riley also leads the Schoolboy 1 class 1-1 ahead of #15 Dexter Seitz.

Schoolboy 2

Liam Dodds also leads the Schoolboy 2 class and has yet to lose there, too.

Under 30

#510 Marcus Deausy from 150 Mile House, BC leads the Under 30 class after #12 Julien Benek was forced out with a hand injury in practice Sunday morning.

Pro Am

#174 Zane Mellafont from Duncan, BC sits 9th (9-7) and was in some tight battles.
#212 Luke Svensson from Langley has finished 10-5 and sits tied for 7th.
I was most impressed with #187 Layne Nuyens who ran out front in the 2nd Main but came up short on the 2nd triple rhythm and pulled off. His 7-8 Mains have. him tied with Svensson for 7th.
#130 Devyn Smith came together with #84 Tanner Ward early in the 2nd Main and went down hard. He got up and finished 6th at the flag. 8-6 has him 6th.
#84 Tanner Ward came away with the win at Round 1 but then this crash with Smith took him out for the night and maybe longer. We’ve yet to hear the results from his trip to the hospital. 🤞
#58 Blake Davies from Mission, BC now finds himself up against the best in the business and sits 4th after 5-4 Mains.
#510 Marcus Deausy has had 6-3 overalls in the first 2 rounds and rounds out the podium in 3rd.
#2 Brock Hoyer from Williams Lake, BC is 35 and finds himself just 1 point out of the lead with 3-2 overalls.
#18 just completed his first 1-1 night in the barn and has the points lead heading into Round 3 and 4 this weekend.He had to pass his way into the lead and then managed the gap.Without Benek or Ward, he finds himself as the one to beat this year.
Pro Am Open Points
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
  4th 1st   43
  3rd 2nd   42 (-1)
#510 – 150 MILE HOUSE, BC
  6th 3rd   35 (-8)
  5th 4th   34 (-9)
  2nd 9th   34 (-9)
  8th 6th   28 (-15)
  7th 8th   27 (-16)
  10th 5th   27 (-16)
#174 – DUNCAN, BC
  9th 7th   26 (-17)
  1st     25 (-18)
  11th     10 (-33)
#819 – MISSION, BC
  12th     9 (-34)
I hope young local rider #54 Walker Post is OK after this scary crash at the start of the 50 (4-6) Main on Sunday.
OK, I can’t not post a photo of Ace Core!
And it was great to see #574 Charles Charlton back at the track and working the flag after that scary crash at Sand Del Lee last summer. I told him all about it…
So many current and former pro families and riders are having kids racing these days. Let’s let Jenny Hoyer say it this time: “See you at the races…