Steve Simms New Team Manager at WLTN Kawasaki

WLTN Kawasaki will field the all-star line-up of Canadian talent led by Tanner Ward on a 2024 Kawasaki KX450, alongside Quinn Amyotte aboard the 2024 Kawasaki KX250 under the guidance of Team Manager Steve Simms and Team Principals Brett Lee and Melody Hodgson.

New to the team is Team Manager Steve Simms. Simms comes to WLTN Kawasaki with an extensive racing resume in Canadian racing and around the world. Leading several teams, including his own, Steve will bring experience and knowledge that will give the team techs and riders a technical advantage in 2024. 

Steve Simms – WLTN Kawasaki Team Manager:

Kowalchuk photo

Our 2024 team is excited to start the new race season. It is new to me, so getting to know one another and developing their bikes specific to the riders’ needs and riding styles will be a challenge, but I am excited to take that on. I have a great relationship with both Brett and Melody, and we have been clear with each other about what we each expect. I believe in the riders on the team and I am excited to work with both Jadon Brown and Mitch Godkin helping them give the riders every opportunity to be successful. This is exciting for me to have this opportunity, and I am motivated to be successful with WLTN Kawasaki.” 

Brett Lee – Principal WLTN Kawasaki

I am very impressed with the dynamic amongst the WLTN Kawasaki team and I’m looking forward to the start of the new season. We want team players and riders who fit into the team, earned their place on this team, understand the expectations of Pro racing and are prepared to deliver results. The riders, and the technical support team all understand what we want to achieve in 2024 and the work it will take. It is a very exciting time for this team and I can’t wait for round one.”