Supercross Futures Podium at Glendale Supercross

Photos by: Align with Us

2023 Supercross Futures Julien Beaumer
#29 Julien Beaumer
2023 Supercross Futures Ryder Difrancesco
#75 Ryder Difrancesco
2023 Supercross Futures Daxton Bennick
#241 Daxton Bennick

Supercross Futures podium from the 2023 Glendale Supercross:

Julien Beaumer Ryder Difrancesco Daxton Bennick

1. 29 @juju29mx Julien Beaumer KTM
2. 75 @ryderdifrancesco199 KAW
3. @daxtonbennick YAM

Beaumer grabbed the holeshot and headed out with Difrancesco in tow along with #105@markfineis_105 and Bennick. Bennick moved into 3rd quickly and the 3 finished in that order ahead of #66 Casey Cochran and Fineis.