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Race Tech/AGR Suspension Review

Race Tech/AGR Suspension Review By Greg Poisson As you know, Honda completely redesigned the CRF450R in 2021. For 90% of us mere mortals a 450 machine is more motorcycle than any of us will ever need. So what’s the main focus we should focus on for upgrades? Suspension and handling. Putting that power to the ground and making it manageable. We took my 2021 CRF450R provided by Barrie Honda Powerhouse

Arenacross Practice | Friday Afternoon | Gopher Dunes

Arenacross Practice | Friday Afternoon | Gopher Dunes By Billy Rainford As if Fridays aren’t busy enough around Direct Motocross, when we heard Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha rider, Matt Goerke, was going to be testing at the newly-built Arenacross track at Gopher Dunes, we had to be there to check it out. Yes, that’s why the Update was a tad on the ‘brief’ side this week. Not only was Matt there