Arenacross Practice | Friday Afternoon | Gopher Dunes

By Billy Rainford

As if Fridays aren’t busy enough around Direct Motocross, when we heard Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha rider, Matt Goerke, was going to be testing at the newly-built Arenacross track at Gopher Dunes, we had to be there to check it out. Yes, that’s why the Update was a tad on the ‘brief’ side this week.

Not only was Matt there with Adam ‘Stu’ Robinson and Donk, but young up-and-comer #46 Marco Cannella and #2 Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing’s Colton Facciotti¬†were also going to ride.

Matt is getting ready for his run at the Amsoil AMA Arenacross series that starts in January (and maybe a couple rounds of the Canada AX Tour), Marco is getting ready for either the Canada AX Tour or the Mini O’s, and Colton is just getting back on the bike after his injury suffered in a crash at Pleasant Valley. With only three riders, there was still a lot going on.

Here are a few shots from Friday afternoon in Courtland, Ontario.

20160909- Marco Cannella

The present met the future at the Arenacross practice track at Gopher Dunes Friday afternoon.

20160909- Donk

Donk made another appearance to help the team with their testing.

20160909- Matt Goerke

Matt hopped in the dozer and made another little section with some sandy rollers to lengthen lap times a little.

20160909- Marco Cannella

Marco recently turned 16, so watch for him behind the wheel coming to a practice track near you!

20160909- Adam Stu Robinson

‘Stu’ gets into some suspension work in the trailer.

20160909 Marco Cannella

The track noise is somewhat muffled for the neighbours by high mounds of dirt.

20160909- Marco

Marco watches as Matt finishes up the new section.


Moto Mom Extraordinaire, Salina Cannella, is always there for Marco. I heard Marco’s dad is actually going to line up for the Barrelman Half Ironman in Niagara Falls next weekend, too. Good luck!

20160909- Adam Stu Robinson

Adam gets the measurements just right.


Artsy vice/fork shot.

20160909- Marco Cannella

Marco hit the track on his outdoor suspension.


Matt was impressed with Marco’s tenacity to give the whoops a try with his set up.

20160909- Marco Cannella

Marco looked great out there.

20160909 Marco Cannella

I’m sure his mind was already on the following section…

20160909- Marco Cannella

Marco enters the whoops.





20160909- Marco Cannella

20160909- Matt Goerke

Matt skims the whoops as Adam keeps a close watch on how the suspension reacts.

20160909- Matt Goerke

Supercross/Arenacross whoops is an art form.

20160909 Colton Facciotti

Don’t worry about Colton, he’s got lots of indoor track experience.

20160909- Matt Goerke

Matt gets his nose out over the front.


Look at that technique.

20160909- Colton Facciotti

Classic Colton corner form.

20160909- Matt Goerke

Matt was getting used to being back on the Yamaha 250F.

20160909- Derek Schuster

Derek Schuster built the track. Here he is with his trusty cell phone and Hit Case.

20160909-Colton Facciotti

Eyes forward. Matt commented that Colton came in and just shredded all the ruts on his 450 that he’d been working on.

20160909 Derek Schuster

Derek gets a higher POV.

20160909 Colton Facciotti

Colton blitzes the whoops.



20160909- Marco Cannella

Marco sponged up as much technique from these two as he could. It will pay off. Thanks for allowing us media types on the track Friday, guys. We did a ‘Tailgating with…’ Matt Goerke, too, so watch for that one on Monday.