Team Canada MX’s 2014 manager, Ryan Gauld, sent this letter out to members of the media today:


To my fellow Canadian MX supporters

As many of you are aware, 2014 saw a major resurgence in Canada’s MXON efforts and I was extremely fortunate to have worked alongside so many great people while serving as Team Manager.  One of the best things about our sport is quite simply the undying passion.  It is this passion that motivates us to get back on the bike after a fall, that allows us to persevere through tremendous adversity both on and off the track and most importantly it is a passion that unites our tight knit community as one.   This very passion deep inside our fans, supporters, riders, volunteers and industry folk is what made 2014 MXON Latvia possible.  The renewed enthusiasm and energy surrounding last year’s efforts was very special to me and in a way symbolic of a shift in a new and positive direction.  Together, through all of our efforts, we raised nearly $50,000 which allowed us to send our best riders, equipment, mechanics, support staff as well as offering our team its best on and off track accommodations in recent history.  2014 MXON was a step away from the past and a critical building block in what I hoped would be that all important foundation on which to build.

As a result of a written statement sent to me yesterday, it saddens me to inform you, our supporters, that the CMA feels the 2014 MXON project, and the efforts put forth by our riders, supporters, volunteers and fans alike, was not up to a standard worthy of CMA’s support for continued efforts in 2015.

Expressed to me directly by Marilynn Bastedo, CMA President:

                  “Our concerns about the lack of understanding by riders and managers regarding preparation for and obligations at this major world event have made CMA decide not move forward with a Motocross of Nations project for 2015 at this time”.

                  “We hope to build a management structure which will develop the talent of the riders here in Canada to a level we can all be proud of”

To say I am disappointed is obviously a major understatement.  Not for the fact that my role as MXON Team Manager is now behind me, but for the fact that an association so out of touch with our Canadian MX community can make such careless statements and in doing so instantly destroy the critical building blocks we all worked tirelessly to build together. MXON ’14 was a rebirth of the program, a much-needed fresh start with a new mentality and a renewed sense of motivation on all levels; team members, fans and supporters.  It is clearly evident that Ms. Bastedo and CMA wish to have future MXON efforts tightly in their grasps now that the efforts put forth by all of us has established a strong foundation on which to grow a successful program in the coming years.  At the end of the day I am not looking for support of my personal efforts, the riders, nor the countless team members around who donated time, money and resources.  This is beyond that, regardless of who is at the helm, or who throws a leg over our bikes to represent Canada.  This is about a fresh mindset, a renewed focus and dedicated effort in a positive direction being taken from us so carelessly.  The very association that is to spearhead new and innovative initiatives to promote growth within our sport is the very same group with their dated policies and mindsets holding us back from making the most basic steps towards progress.  Perhaps it is time for our top teams, riders and mechanics to consider other International venues to showcase their tremendous passion and talents as our current efforts certainly are not appreciated by CMA.

To all of the fans, supporters, mechanics, riders and the countless people working tirelessly behind the scenes who made MXON ’14 possible, thank you.

Ryan Gauld


Team Canada MX Manager

Ryan Gauld

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