The FXR/ClubMX Race Team to Compete in the World Supercross Series | Canadians Scott Jeffery and Kourtney Lloyd to Manage

The ClubMX International Division will manage the effort

CHESTERFIELD, SC – AUGUST 24, 2022: The World Supercross Series (WSX) will be making a splash as a new series in 2022 and ClubMX will be a on the roster of ten teams to compete. Earlier this year the team had shown an interest in the series but as the deadline passed, it did not look as though it was going to happen. Over fifty teams and organizations submitted entries for consideration and with only ten selected, the probability seemed slim. However, just a short time ago the WSX board of directors reached out via phone to let us know that indeed, we met the criteria to be a part of the inaugural season and we should start to prepare.

Why WSX? The ClubMX Training facility is one of the major sponsors of the race team and as such has an international reach for training prospects. In 2022, ten countries were represented with racers that train at the facility. Exposing the brand to new markets can only help to grow the business. Along with that, the American race team has a broad sponsorship base that has roots in England, Australia, Canada and other parts of the globe. These worldwide events can help the team expand the marketing reach to grow the customer base for the sponsors as well.

Kourtney Lloyd
Scott Jeffery

The ClubMX WSX team will be managed by two team members of our international division in Canada. Co-owner Scott Jeffery and longtime Canadian race team owner Kourtney Lloyd will run the ClubMX International race team with a limited roster of personnel to compete at the highest level. They will handle all the logistics for travel and day-to-day operations of the team in conjunction with other teams in the series. There are some synergies to be gained by working together with other teams as the racing takes place in new areas of the world.

The ClubMX American division will produce the same quality race bikes that compete here in the US. These machines are recognized all over the world for their style and performance and now more people will be able to see and experience them in person.

Riders that will be participating in the inaugural series will be: 250 class – Enzo Lopes and Jace Owen. Both hold championships in different series and will be at the front of the field for WSX. 450 class – Cade Clason and Phil Nicoletti. Clason has the skill and determination to succeed and paired with his speed, he will run up front as well. Nicoletti is an American treasure, so it simply makes sense to share him with the rest of the world. He has proven that his speed is not an issue and putting him on a 450 will ramp up the intensity.

This effort will not be in-lieu of the current race schedule. The Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX racing team fully intends to complete in the Monster Energy Supercross Series hosted by Feld Entertainment and the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series hosted by MX Sports. Those efforts will position the American team racers to compete for the newly developed SuperMotocross World Championships starting in 2023 and with the likes of Jeremy Martin and Garrett Marchbanks, it is obvious that the team is committed to success. ClubMX has always been loyal to Feld Entertainment and MX Sports and with good reason. They offer a consistent platform for our riders to compete at all levels of amateur and professional racing. We have recently returned from our fourteenth season at the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National event and continue to support Supercross Futures and Moto Combine events to help our amateur racers matriculate into the pro ranks. All of which are necessary to the growth of the sport and an avenue for more riders to succeed.

All three of these series can work harmoniously to make our sport more successful. Each has unique features that cannot be replicated by the others, thus opening the sport and the riders to a worldwide audience through new streaming platforms and live events. The future is bright and we are happy to be a part of it.