Throwback Thursday | 2012 Allison Farm

By Billy Rainford

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Check out a few photos from @allisonbrothersfarming in #alberta back in 2012.

Some of the greatest memories of travelling across the country following the circus are from our mid-week stays with the Allison Family.

And yes, Parker, I have the bull photos and video clips from my surprise trip to the vet…

Ross Johnson
#239 Ros Johnson.
Nicky Beatty
#25 Nicky Beatty.
Tyler Rayner
#734 Tyler Rayner.
Willy Shatrau
#367 Willy Shatrau.
Jared Allison
#20 Jared Allison.
Denaye Arnett
#1W Denaye Arnett,
Greg Small
#317 Greg Small.