Thursday at Easy-Kleen in Sussex, NB with the GDR Team and Tanner Ward

By Billy Rainford

We got the invite to head over to Easy-Kleen Pressure Systems LTD. in Sussex, NB Thursday to hang out with the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team and Tanner Ward. Easy-Kleen is a sponsor of the GDR team and they also donate a pressure washer to Tanner’s Ride with Me charity ride that will take place again this year at Walton Raceway.

Thanks Brad Fulford for a nice day in the sunshine and to Madison who gave us all the full tour of the ever-growing facility. The burgers and dogs were top notch too. Here’s a quick look around.

No, it’s not on fire. That’s the bbq getting lunch ready for us.
Dylan Wright and Ryder McNabb had a stack of posters to sign for the fans that showed up to see them.
Then we all headed inside for a tour.
Sorry about the glare, the tour was waiting for me and Ryder was actually holding the door for me, but it was cool to see these two jerseys in the showroom.
They make a pressure washer for any sized needs.
This old Bombardier dragged a couple origin stories out of Derek Schuster and me. Derek’s first words were “Honda” and my first words were “Ski-Doo.”
Madison gave us a very detailed tour from the raw materials to the finished products. They do it all in-house. All I did was try not to stare at the welding going on. It was tough.
We were all pretty fascinated with the laser cutting machine.
The weirdest part was when I bumped into an old friend from Vancouver that I haven’t seen since 2007! That was random.
However, seeing all these washers brought back some bad memories of leaving ours out in the cold and cracking a water pump. Worse yet, I wish I could say it only happened once…
That’s Tanner with the Easy-Kleen model that some lucky person will take home from the charity ride at Walton Raceway…and a bear.
And then we ate too many burgers and hot dogs, and Dylan and Ryder went back to goofing off. Thanks for a showing us around.