TLD Thursday Wallpapers

By Billy Rainford

TLD Shield Light BG

This week, for the Troy Lee Designs Thursday Wallpapers we went with some non-action shots from this past weekend at round 7 of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals at Deschambault MX west of Quebec City. Decorate your desktop with these shots from another great day at the races.


I really like this shot because it reminds me of pretty much any young rider at a Pro National. I used to stare at Ross Pederson’s pit and imagine I was getting all the Pro treatment he was getting. Unfortunately, I was nowhere near as cool as this young fella!


Royal Distributing Fox racing KTM Canada’s #148 Cole Thompson had some rare arm pump last weekend. He said, “It kills me not to be on the podium every week.”

IMG_7426 copy WIDE

Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha rider #101 Matt Goerke holds the red plate as we head to New Brunswick. He said, “Things got aggressive that time! All three of us want this title.”


I’m not sure how wide this young fan thinks this guy’s camera lens shoots, but I’m thinking he’s not making the cut.Full attempted photo bomb attempt points though.


Honda Canada TLD GDR rider #21 Jeremy Medaglia heading over to the start gate with his mechanic, Kyle Ward, for a much better second moto on Sunday.


I remember being sponsored by Pirelli as a rider and just using the same mid tire the entire time because we hated changing tires so much…and because we were terrible at it.


The Dragon riders had a choice to make between tear offs or roll offs.


Some pre-race product placement for #14 Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha rider Shawn Maffenbeier who is getting his season on track lately.