Photo Report | FWM Canadian Arenacross Championships Rounds 1-2

By Billy Rainford

We just raced the first 2 rounds of the Future West Canadian Arenacross Championships at Chilliwack Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC. We broadcast all of the Mains on the Future West Moto Facebook page. You can watch all the action, including the amateurs, on the links we’ve posted.

Here’s a look at how everyone did in the Pro Am Lites and Pro Open based on total points (unofficial) from the two rounds.

Pro Am Lites

#157 Wyatt Waddell was back in action for some AX racing after a long time off to recover from injuries. Unfortunately, a hard crash in qualifying popped his shoulder and he was out for the racing.
#30 Jake Piccolo was one of the riders who should have been challenging for wins, but after his bike let go in the Pro Open Main, he was done for the weekend.

10th 511 Parie Dagere YAM – Kamloops, BC 13 Points

#511 Parie Dagere from Kamloops didn’t race the Pro Am Saturday but he finished 8th on Sunday to score 13 points for 10th.

9th 50 Julien Benek KAW – Mission, BC 16

#50 Julien Benek was up in 2nd place on Saturday and trying to catch #84 Tanner Ward out front when he crashed hard and dropped back to last place. He charged back to 5th at the flag but then decided to sit out the action on Sunday. He sits 9th in points and will now get ready to head south to race Supercross.

8th 482 Teren Gerber HSK – Calgary, AB 18

#482 Teren Gerber looked like he was having a lot of fun out there. He ended up on his own in 4th place on Saturday. He didn’t race Sundayand and sits 8th in points.

7th 12 Luke Svensson YAM – Langley, BC 26

#12 Luke Svensson finished 9-7 in rounds 1 and 2 and sits 7th in points. His dad is the one building these tracks.

6th 174 Zane Mellafont KTM – Duncan, BC 30

#174 Zane Mellafont is over from the island and is progressing nicely. He was in some great battles and his 8-6 finishes have him 6th.

5th 30 Devyn Smith KAW Maple Ridge, BC 31

#30 Devyn Smith went down hard in an Intermediate race but still lined up. He was in some really tight battles with Mellafont and Dagere and sits 5th with his 6-5 finishes.

4th 574 Charles Charlton KTM – Kamloops, BC 32

#574 Charles Charlton is really good on tight indoor tracks. He never gives up and now sits 4th overall with 7-4 results.

3rd 234 Zach Ufimzef KTM – Lake Country, BC 40

#234 Zach Ufimzef has had some good battles with #11 Davey Fraser. In Pro Lites, Zach finished a ways behind Fraser on Saturday but was right on his rear wheel at the flag on Sunday. 3-3 for 3rd.

2nd 11 Davey Fraser HSK – Abbotsford, BC 44

#11 Davey Fraser looks as fast as I’ve ever seen him. This was a scary moment but he’s managed to finish 2nd at both rounds, so far.

1st 84 Tanner Ward HON – Courtland, ON 50

#84 Tanner Ward has been perfect so far in the Pro Am Lites class. On Saturday, he got out to the lead right away. On Sunday he had to get around Davey for the lead. With so many other riders out, Tanner will be tough to beat in this class.

Pro Open

30 Jake Piccolo KTM 9 Points

Unfortunately, this is how Jake Piccolo’s Arenacross series came to an end Saturday in the first Pro Open Main.

10th 197 Brock Leitner KAW – Summerland, BC 11

Brock Leitner was back on the bike and looking like the guy who headed south to race Supercross a few years ago. Unfortunately, he had some bike issues, raced Ryan Lockhart’s bike in the Main and then decided not to race Round 2 on Sunday. His 11 points have him 9th right now.

9th 50 Julien Benek KAW – Mission, BC 25

#50 Julien Benek chased down Hoyer in Pro Open Main #1 for the win. It was that Pro Am crash that took him out of action, so he’s now getting ready for AMA Supercross.

8th 192 Ethan Ouellette KAW – Campbelle River, BC 26

#192 Ethan Ouellette got off to one of his usual great starts in the first Pro Open Main and was 3rd early. He got pushed off the track at the start of Main #2. At the end of the weekend, he sits 8th with 9-7 Mains.

7th 510 Marcus Deausy HON – 150 Mile House, BC 27

#510 Marcus Deausy showed really good pace this weekend. He finished 7-8 in the Mains and is in a 3-way battle for 6th place in 8th.

6th 234 Zach Ufimzef KTM – Lake Country, BC 28

#234 Zach Ufimzef showed he belongs with the established Pro riders in AX. He rode well and finished 8-6 in Pro Open. I’ve got him sitting 6th with 28 points.

5th 184 Trystan Hart KTM – Invermere, BC 34

#184 Trystan Hart took a break from Endurocross and raced some AX. He looked really comfortable out there and even led a Main for a few corners. He should be happy with his performance. With 5-4 finishes, I’ve got him 5th right now.

4th 11 Davey Fraser HSK – Abbotsford, BC 36

#11 Davey Fraser looked great out there. He was up in 2nd behind Hoyer early in Main #2 but fell and had to chase his way back to 5th at the flag. He now sits 4th in points with 3-5 finishes.

3rd 84 Tanner Ward HON – Courtland, ON 37

#84 Tanner Ward tried to chase down Hoyer out front on Sunday but came up just short at the line. He’s only 1 point out of 2nd in the Pro Open class with 6-2 finishes.

2nd 31 Parker Eales HON – Maple Ridge, BC 38

Parker Eales has the speed to run at the front and proved that this past weekend. He had to move his way forward on Saturday and then he was in that great race with Ward and Hoyer on Sunday. He sits 2nd with 4-3 Mains.

1st 2 Brock Hoyer YAM – Williams Lake, BC 47

What can we say about #2 Brock Hoyer? He’s a former champion and still has the speed to get it done. He said he knew the young guns were coming but held them off for a nice win. He led Saturday until #50 Julien Benek chased him down. His 2-1 Mains have him in the points lead.

Full Results HERE.

Next Rounds: November 27-28.