Triple Crown Series | How to Watch

Welcome to the 2022 Triple Crown Series. This will be the fifth year Jetwerx has produced the Triple Crown, but only the third year under normal times. The series will return to the West Coast for 4 weekends of racing (3 motocross, 1 arenacross) for the first time since the June 2019 Manitoba National. 

The 2022 Series will see 9 MX nationals, and 5 AX/SX indoor events for the 450 and 250 Pro classes. There will also be an East/West FXR Premix and Thor WMX Series (West 4 rounds, East 5 Rounds). Along with all Pro Weekends, there will be 6 Parts Canada Amateur Open races, the Western Canadian Amateur National (WCAN) at Round 1 in Kamloops, BC, and the Eastern Canadian Amateur National (ECAN) at Round 8 in Deschambault, QC. We will finish our outdoor program with the pinnacle of amateur racing at the Walton Grand National Championship.

Jetwerx is pleased to continue working with some of the best brands in the industry. Leading that charge is Parts Canada, entering year 8 of supporting Jetwerx at the highest level of racing all the way through the grass roots of the Parts Canada Amateur Open. With their continued dedication to the sport of motocross, Jetwerx is able to excel and bring Canadians the premier series they deserve. 

Royal Distributing will again bring you every single holeshot, as they continue to be a staple in the Canadian motocross scene, dating back to the early years of the CMRC Nationals. Along with Royal Distributing, ARMA Sports will preserve the right to the official supplement of the Triple Crown Series, and will work to get their great products in the hands of our Canadian riders and athletes. 

The Thor WMX Series back with Eve Brodeur seeking out her 7th championship at the tender age of 22, and also has a chance at number 8 within the one season. Riders from East and West can take part in both portions of the series, and earn their chance at a top 20 national number.

FXR Moto will once again be the title partner of the FXR Premix class. This will be the 4th instalment of this class, dating back to the initial series debut in 2019. Two-time, back-to-back champion, Westen Wrozyna, has secured a factory Yamaha ride with the MX101 squad. The East and West titles will be up for grabs. Riders like Jack Wright and the Roberts Brothers come to mind as favourites in the East, but the door is wide open for someone to steal the show in the West. 

450 Pro action will have a familiar face leading the charge. Two-time 450 Motocross Champ, and two-time Triple Crown Champion, Dylan Wright, is the favourite entering the year. With his longtime rival, Jess Pettis, possibly nursing an injury into the season, it is assumed that Dylan will once again run away with the title. Guys to look out for include Tyler Medaglia, Tanner Ward (new to the 450 class), Shawn Maffenbeier back with the MX101 squad, and many new faces in the class. 

250 Pro stole the show in 2021, and it looks to be a repeat for the 2022 series. Last year’s champion, Jacob Piccolo, is coming in as the early favourite on a newly signed factory KTM deal. We cannot count out young Ryder McNabb, who made it very close last year, and was able to secure the Parts Canada Rookie of the Year award. Riders like Marco Cannella, Mitchell Harrison and Tyler Gibbs will all be looking to come out swinging and are a bit under the radar compared to Ryder and Jacob. The field will be deep, with over 10 teams all housing a 450 and 250 effort for this season.

Where to watch 

Jetwerx is thrilled to bring back a solid TV package with 4 hours of Live TV coverage at every round, 6 hours of total coverage, and multiple re-airings of every series race.

Fox Sports will continue to be the official TV network for the Triple Crown Series. Fox stepped up in 2019 to bring the first ever live TV coverage of the Canadian Motocross Series. Entering the 5th season, Jetwerx is ecstatic to have such a high-end platform for our community. See your local provider for channel information and availability.

NEW for 2022: RydeTV will be the official streaming network. After years of searching for the perfect platform for both price and functionality, Jetwerx decided to build up their own website/application. The app is on all major platforms, making it very simple to stream and rewatch all Triple Crown events from your phone, computer and smart TV. Also included in the app are other key racing series and shows, such as Kicker Arenacross, Best in the Desert, EnduroX, InsideX and many more. All of this is available for a monthly subscription price of $5.99, or $59.99 for an entire year.

Motocross TV/Stream Times: (all local times)

LIVE on RydeTV

9am to 10am – Moto 1 Thor WMX / FXR Premix 11am to 12pm – Moto 2 Thor WMX / FXR Premix

LIVE on RydeTV/Fox Sports

1pm to 5pm – 250/450 Pro Moto 1 & 2

Arenacross & Supercross TV/Stream Times: (all local times)

LIVE on RydeTV / Fox Sports

7pm to 10pm – 250/450 Pro 

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