Tyler Gibbs and Guillaume St Cyr IN for CREO KTM in St Louis

By Billy Rainford

When the series heads to St Louis in 2 weeks, we’ll have a couple familiar faces flying the colours for the CREO KTM team. Check out this latest Race Update from Team Owner Jeff Crutcher after the Indianapolis round in Lucas Oil Stadium:

Jeff Crutcher:

#108 Jorgen Talviku just missed the races in Indianapolis. | Bigwave photo

We came so wickedly close to making a triple crown main with Jorgen – he fought his way into 4th in the LCQ but put himself on the ground with two corners to go before the checkers. There were two situations in the last two laps that he could’ve shown a little patience during and it would’ve been smooth sailing into the mains, but, rookie mistakes happen and we were just a hair short. Veteran experience comes from making mistakes.

We’re so close. It’s right there. We have to maintain course. It will happen.

#221 Tyler Gibbs will race the 450 class in St Louis. | Bigwave photo

Tyler and Dawson did not make the fast 40. I anticipate their disappointing weekend will prove to be fuel for improvement. That’s their only option.

#551 Guillaume St Cyr will rejoin the team for the weekend in St Louis. | Tree Three Media photo

We now take a week off as the championship goes to Seattle – we return next week in St. Louis for the final triple crown of the season. Jorgen and Marek have to return to Estonia to reset visa timing and will be back just before next weekend. To avoid racing on jetlag in the 450 class (STL is a west race) on a 250, JMT will sit out. Tyler will fly the team flag in the 450 class on the 250, and Guac is coming back to the team for a special weekend as he’s been racing 250 West. Guillaume filled in last year for 3 races. So we will have Tyler in 450 and Guac in 250 W. Dawson has not made a night show, so he is not eligible to ride the 450 class yet.