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RE•VI•VAL Video Trailer

RE•VI•VAL Video Trailer Here’s the trailer for the upcoming Direct Motocross video promoting Mental Health Awareness featuring Greg Poisson and brought to you by Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada, Fox Racing Canada, Shift MX, Oakley, Carlson Racing MX, Hybrid FHP, Addikt Graphics, Fontaine’s Source for Sports, and OTSFF. A film by Joel Kim. Coming December 2020.

Catching Up with Brad Clifford from Migration Unlimited Training

Catching Up with Brad Clifford from Migration Unlimited Training By Greg Poisson Photos by Matt Johnson As a casual onlooker, we see motocross athletes as daredevils, throwing around a 200lb motorcycle through various situations and wonder how they do it… Most top racers these days have a trainer, someone to take the thinking out of the hard work they put in. Brad Clifford is one of these trainers to some

SECO Seat Cover Review

SECO Seat Cover Review By Greg Poisson I’ve ridden with a lot of aftermarket seat covers in the past, so when SECO Seat Cover out of Quebec offered up a new cover for our 2021 Husqvarna FC350 media bike, we were stoked. I’ve always been a guy who rode with my legs and gripped the bike a ton, so having any additional traction to help with this made sense. They