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Team Canada MXON Stories – The 2004 Re-Boot

Here’s another installment in our ‘Team Canada MXON Stories’ series. Team Canada MXON Stories – The 2004 Re-Boot By Carl Bastedo Legends of Canadian Motocross, in conjunction with directmotocross.com, is in the process of documenting a History of Canada at the Motocross of Nations. We will release various stories, pictures, video etc. in a random fashion before combing all the information on the Legends website under it’s own section. You

Team Canada MXON – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Team Canada MXON – A Trip Down Memory Lane By Carl Bastedo Intro by Billy Rainford With the MXON coming up in less than two weeks, Carl Bastedo wanted to tell a story about the last time the team went over to Ernée, France. This is the first installment in what we’ll call “MXON Storytime.” The year was 2005 and we remember it like it was yesterday (insert blurred-out fade

The Future of Team Canada MX – A Letter from 2014 Manager, Ryan Gauld

Team Canada MX’s 2014 manager, Ryan Gauld, sent this letter out to members of the media today:   To my fellow Canadian MX supporters As many of you are aware, 2014 saw a major resurgence in Canada’s MXON efforts and I was extremely fortunate to have worked alongside so many great people while serving as Team Manager.  One of the best things about our sport is quite simply the undying

#wiw Ken Roczen at the 2009 MXON

#WIW Ken Roczen at the 2009 MXON #whipitwednesday This is Ken Roczen way back at the 2009 #MXON in Italy. We weren’t very familiar with this young, stylish German at the time, but we quickly learned he was going to be someone to keep our eyes on.