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#TBT When/Where Was This?

#TBT When/Where Was This? By Billy Rainford If this shot looks vaguely familiar to the current Rockstar Energy MX Nationals, that’s because this isn’t the first time Honda Canada TLD GDR rider Kyle Keast from Lindsay, Ontario, has ridden a Honda with the big #30 on it. Without going to the Google machine, what year was this and what track was it?

#tbt 2014 ‘Calgary Whip Champion’ Colton Facciotti

#tbt 2014 ‘Calgary Whip Champion’ Colton Facciotti By Billy Rainford We’ve got two track on the Rockstar Energy MX National schedule that lend themselves nicely to this very unofficial and rather impromptu ‘Whip Contest’ we decided to start a couple years ago. We stood beside the big International Jump on the Wild Rose MX track in Calgary, Alberta, during free practice and started pointing our cameras at the riders as