2016 Mini O’s | Photo Report | Monday

By Billy Rainford

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We were off to the races today at the 45th Annual Thor Winter Olympics – The Mini O’s. It’s a couple days of Supercross to get the week going. There are quite a few Canadians down here racing but not all of them had motos today. We’ll do our best to cover all of them with at least a few photos. Here’s a look at some of the action from Gatorback Cycle Park in Gainesville, Florida.

You can follow along with the action at http://wintero.escoremx.com/liveresults.asp




Big changes at Gatorback Cycle Park for 2016. Including this cool sign. There’s a completely new track where the trees used to be, they tweaked the SX track, and the MX track has all kinds of new things.


But some things never change. Haha


It’s been a little cool here lately and the nights have actually hit freezing! Nice year to bring a tent. Actually, it will be in the 80’s by mid-week. There’s no rain in the forecast so water is key. That dust is off the track.


The SX track held up nicely, although there looked to be quite a number of ambulance calls. Par for the Supercross course, I guess.


“The Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria…” These guys are just missing the Pinta.


There are a good number of fast Canadians here this year, including #46 Marco Cannella.


Mini dads at these big amateur events are a sub-culture in themselves.


If he doesn’t know where the first turn is by now…


The announcers are hoping this guy isn’t up at the front…

20161121-img_9147 Tristan Dares

I missed the first couple motos but got there in time to see #25 Tristan Dares get 18th in heat 1 of 85 (9-11). 

20161121-img_9148 Matthew Leblanc

Matthew Leblanc won his heat. There were 3 of them so Dares will have to hit an LCQ.

20161121-img_9149 Marcello Leodorico

I liked the aggressive style of young Marcello Leodorico.

20161121-img_9163 Preston Masciangelo

#22 Preston Masciangelo on his Suzuki got 8th in heat 3.


#101 Matthew Cemovic took 16th in heat 1 of Supermini 1.

20161121-img_9165 Carson Mumford

My money is on #122 Carson Mumford to take the Supermini 1 class. He won his heat and looked solid.


There is a lot of time for the nerves to creep in.


So just sit back and relax. The races will happen.


That’s #184 Tanner Ward eying up an opening on the inside.

20161121-img_9231 Marcus Phelps

I don’t know anything about #135 Marcus Phelps, but he flies!

20161121-img_9247 Tanner Ward

Tanner’s first race was red flagged on lap 2. He got a better start in the redo and finished 8th.


#46 Marco Cannella was in the second Schoolboy 2 heat and got out to a top 10 start, but #82 Garrett Marchbanks was just too much for everyone.

20161121-img_9266 Marco Cannella

Marco picked off a couple riders and was up with the group. He also took 8th.


#30 Jordan Jarvis passed her way into the lead and took the Girls (12-16) moto.


#90 Landrey Hazen was at the TransCan this year. She finished 5th in Girls (9-11).


This could have been worse in the +35 class as Barry Carsten had nowhere to go.


He got up and tried to go again and then over-jumped HUUUGE and went over a fence. He made a good call to walk it off.

20161121-img_9286 Sean Cantrell

#37 Sean Cantrell led from wire to wire, but #402 Brandon Hartranft was on him.

20161121-img_9291 Brandon Hartranft

450 A could go either way.

20161121-img_9308 Challen Tennant

#71 Challen Tennant had troubles so watch for him the rest of the week in the top classes. He’s scored with a DNF in 450 A.

20161121-img_9313 Brandon Hartranft

Brandon getting his new FXR gear dirty!


As the sun started to dip into the tree line, the question was just how far they’d make it into the schedule before shutting it down for the day.

20161121-img_9343 Haiden Deegan

#238 Haiden Deegan was running some extremely fast lap times out there in 65 (7-11). He won his heat going away and should be tough to beat.


85 (12-13) Ltd heads out into the low sun. #428 Nathanael Thrasher took the win.

20161121-img_9403 Jalek Swoll

#352 Jalek Swoll took his Schoolboy 1 heat.

20161121-img_9415 Austin Black

#55 Austin Black came in from Oregon and was hauling tail in his Schoolboy 1 heat for the win.


And that was it for Day 1 at the 2016 Thor Winter Olympics. We’re back at it as soon as the sun climbs over the horizon tomorrow morning.

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