2022 Red Bull Outliers Prologue | Photos

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by KTM Canada

The prologue races to determine qualifying for the 2022 Red Bull Outliers took place in the dead centre of Calgary before racing heads into the Badlands on Sunday. There was a really good crowd on hand to see the spectacle that was the tricky Endurocross-style course. Unfortunately, heavy rain moved in and the organizers decided it had gotten too tough and dangerous to continue after the first round of heat races.

Since there was really no racing, here are some photos from the day. We’re now at a hotel in Brooks, AB and will head out into the badlands for the racing action in the morning. The forecast looks good so we should be in for some great racing.

The Trystan Hart section.
Are we keeping you up? Actually, yes.
Gate dropped for this guy’s practice, he hit the first log and popped his shoulder. Tough, albeit short, day.
Hey, he looks like he may be the first to try the double…
…and he was. Kudos to him for coming around on the next lap and landing it.
He was an instant crowd favourite.
Speaking of crowd favourites, that’s #84 Trystan Hart.
Dean Thompson from Blackfoot Direct.
Trystan won his Pro Heat.
Manny Lettenbichler.
Mario Ramon.
It’s important to get a good start to get ahead of the carnage.
I’ve never seen so many bikes end up like this.
With nearly 500K followers on Instagram, I’m not the first to snap a photo of these guys…
Taddy Bazusiak.
Mario Ramon.
This is a very popular spot for protests and preaching.
Manny easily won his Pro Heat.
Graham Jarvis.
And then the wind picked up, the temperature dropped, and the rain and hail started.
They tried to keep going but nobody could clear even a single lap, so it was decided to shut it down for the day.
This guy didn’t even put on a shirt or a jacket. The crowd that was still there loved him when the announcers pointed him out.
The end of the first straight was as far as anyone made it.
Jess Pettis wasn’t impressed with how it all went down.

Tomorrow will be a better day. The rain hasn’t hit out here yet, but it’s supposed to rain for a while and then clear up for the racing tomorrow giving us perfect conditions.

See you at the races…