A Few Nashville AX Photos

Photos by Mitch Goheen

Captions by Billy Rainford


Mitch Goheen from Just Giver Productions made the trip down to Nashville, Tennessee, last weekend to compete in the Amsoil Arenacross Series Amateur Day racing. While he was there, he was good enough to sneak down to the floor to grab a few shots of the Pro action for us. Here’s a quick look from Bridgestone Arena:


To be honest, I actually have no idea what this is, but I dig it.


#229 Mitchell Harrison finished 2nd in Lites.


Young up-and-comer Darian Sanayei took 8th in AX and 15th in Lites.


#116 is Bobby Kiniry. He took 5th in AX with 5-6 mains.


A Dominator Supermini race blasts off.


#351 Jack Rogers.


That’s 2012 Canadian MX1 Champ and returning Canadian Nationals competitor, Matt Goerke. He had an off weekend and finished back in 13th.


Kyle Regal gets the intro.


I don’t want to be one of those haters who calls this guy some kind of farm animal. 😉


#393 Daniel Herrlein was 5th in Lites and 4th in AX.


#6 is veteran rider Willy Browning. He took 9th in AX with 10-8 mains.


Jordan Smith got up from this rather awkward-looking crash.


Smith earlier in the day.


#28 Alex Frye is a rider to keep an eye on.


Unfortunately, this is how his weekend ended.


#216 Tristan Charboneau in the whoops. He took 3rd in Lites.


He’s always been a smooth rider who I think looks just like Cole Thompson when he races.


Goerke’s Babbitt’s Kawasaki won’t have red plates this weekend.


I’m sure he wasn’t happy with his trip to Music City, USA.


That definitely looks like the hair stylings of none other than Chad Goodwin.


Wes Cain…west coast mafia!


Lining up an AX race.


Jordan Smith and Ricky Carmichael getting some face time.


Thanks for sending these over, Mitch. Good luck in Pennsylvania this weekend. By the way, Mitch currently leads the 2-Stroke B/C class and sits 2nd in 250C and 4th in 450C after a 1-2-1 weekend in Nashville. See you at the races…