25 Days of Christmas | Day 12 | MP1 Suspension

By Billy Rainford

25 Days of Christmas

Sometimes, Jeff gets the really cool opportunity to test out new products, gear and bikes. This fall, he was given the unique opportunity to head to the North Pole to take Santa’s sleigh for a ride and do a review on it.

The first thing Santa mentioned was the MP1 Suspension he would be running this Christmas. He figures he’ll be able to get around the world in almost half the time just because the runners on the sleigh will be quieter and stick to roofs better this Christmas Eve.

Jeff hasn’t finished his story on Santa’s Sleigh but did mention he agreed that it handled breaking bumps great and he felt confident seat bouncing from roof to roof in some of the tighter neighbourhoods. Stay tuned for the write-up soon here on DMX…but don’t hold your breath.


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