Hully Gully Track 20 Years after it Shut Down

By Billy Rainford

I posted these shots of what Hully Gully looks like now up a long time ago but since we lost a bunch of our archives a couple years ago due to crashing the entire server, I thought I’d post these up again for those who have a connection to the old track one-hour north of the city of London, Ontario.

This trip back to the old stomping ground was way back in 2007. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been back in Ontario almost 15 years.

Here’s the same place back in 1983.
The tower where Irv Ford coined some of his classics was on this bridge.
I never knew what was going on out there in the “west end.”
Those whoops over there bit a large number of riders.
The Dam Straightaway!
The pits.

That’s all I took. I hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane. Please add your photos in the comments on our Facebook page.