5 Minutes with Dylan Rempel | We Chat with the New Team Green Rider

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Race Tech

#138 Dylan Rempel is a fast, up-and-coming amateur rider from Ontario. He’s improving so quickly you could almost hear him getting faster last season! His speed and dedication have caught the eye of Chad Goodwin and the Monster Kawasaki Pro Circuit team who are expanding to support an amateur rider, among other things, in 2021. We caught up with the Team Green rider to get his take on all these changes.

#138 Dylan Rempel with his new Team Green ride. | Rempel photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Dylan. We haven’t spoken with you since a couple big things happened. First off, you got injured at the Mini O’s this past November. Can you take us through what happened there, first?

Dylan Rempel: It happened in a practice with a fresh, wet track and I was going down a straightaway and slid out and dabbed my foot and tore my ligaments.

How long did it keep you off the bike?

I was off the bike for about three months.

Dylan’s self portrait of his leg injury at the 2020 Mini O’s in Florida. | Dylan Rempel selfie photo

Wow. And now you’re finally back riding and with new support from the Kawasaki  team. Obviously, Chad Goodwin and the gang spoke with your parents and you together. How did this all come together for you guys? When did they first talk to you about it?

They first talked to us at TransCan and then Chad talked to my dad about at Gopher Dunes Supercross and I was pumped about it. My dad was debating until I talked him into it and now we’re glad we made the switch onto the Kawasaki.

How will this affect your program for the new season? I guess it takes quite a bit of pressure off your parents, right?

I’ll be doing all the nationals with the Huber Motorsports team, and it helps my parents a lot because I have three sisters at home.

You’re down south riding and training now. Where are you and who are you training with?

I’m in Homer, Georgia, training with Zach (Lurie) from Maximum Powersports.

How’s the new bike? Are you loving it yet? Any major differences in the way it feels compared to your last rides?

It feels great and I feel really comfortable on it and looking forward to testing the race bikes with the team.

Dylan’s improvement was noticeable in 2020 and it’s paid off with a support ride for 2021. | Bigwave photo

What are your winter racing plans?

We are doing Tampa SX and Daytona (RCSX) and some local races all over Georgia.

What about this coming summer? What are you planning on racing?

All the AMO races and the nationals.

How old are you now and what classes will you be racing?

I am 13 and I will be racing 85 (12-16), Supermini, and Schoolboy (12-17).

Will big summer targets be Loretta Lynn’s and the TansCan?

We hope to do Loretta Lynn’s, but if there is still quarantining then we will just be doing TransCan this year.

Watch for the #138 at a National near you in 2021. | Dylan Rempel Instagram photo

You really improved last season. What’s the highlight from last season for you?

Walton would have been one of my highlights, but my sprocket fell of in the first moto which ended it to get the championship. But the highlight from last year was when I heard that Kawasaki wanted me on the team!

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to rap and classic rock.

What’s the best thing on Netflix/Amazon etc. right now? 

Honestly, I don’t watch movies so I don’t know.

Well, we appreciate you taking the time with us today. Good luck down south and who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank Gerhart and Christian Huber, Kawasaki Canada for the opportunity to help me reach my future goals, and big thanks to my parents, without them this wouldn’t be possible. 

Nothing but yellow bibs. | Bigwave photo