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Here’s a look at some of the racers and their results from the Canadian Triple Crown Series Thor WMX Championships at Gopher Dunes this past weekend.

As Bruce Dickenson said, “Eve Brodeur puts on her goggles one strap at a time, just like everyone else. Except, when her goggles are on, she goes out and wins championships!
I didn’t see what happened but a 23-DNF is not what #16 Chloe Poncia-Myre was hoping for. I know she twisted her ankle pretty badly at Walton.
I also missed what happened to #192 Amelie Croteau because she was faster than her 26-18 20th score shows.
#121 Mikaila Beach got out to a good start and finished 15-17 for 16th.
#971 Mia Barrett finished 17-13 for 14th.
#27 Maya Legare ended up 13th (11-15).
#818 Cindy Trudel had a scary moment on Saturday when she jumped off the side of the big hill. She regrouped to take 11th on Sunday with 18-7 motos after going down off the start in moto 1.
#17 Megan Hamm cracked the top 10 with scores of 10-11.
#110 Breanna Rose had to pick herself up from the sand and pushed for 6-10 motos and 9th overall.
It was great to see #323 Jocelyn Facciotti back on the track. She finished 7-9 for 8th.
#10 Oriana Fraser was consistent with 8-8 motos for 7th on her 250 2-stroke (bonus points).
#28 is Bailey Orbanski. She was 6th (5-6).
#4 Malia Garant is small in stature but big on style. She finished 5th (9-3) after going down early in the first moto and working her way forward.
#7 Brook Greenlaw was solid up in 4th place with 4-5 motos.
#3 Ani Ferguson is still ripping the 2-stroke and finished 3rd (3-4).
#241 Sarah-Kim Villeneuve had her best chance at a win when Brodeur found neutral when the gate dropped in moto 1.
She tried to get away but #1 Eve Brodeur was on fire and made up the difference quickly. Villeneuve would finish 2nd overall (2-2).
#1 Eve Brodeur isn’t ready to hand over the keys to the WMX kingdom just yet. She was unbeatable, going 1-1.
WMX podium: Eve Brodeur (1-1), Sarah-Kim Villeneuve (2-2), Ani Ferguson (3-4).
THOR WMX RESULTS  View Laptimes   
Overall Nbr   Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
 1st   #1  KTM  EVE BRODEUR
1st 1st 50
2nd 2nd 44
 3rd   #3  Husqvarna  ANI FERGUSON
3rd 4th 38
4th 5th 34
 5th   #33  KTM  MALIA GARANT
9th 3rd 32
 6th   #28  Husqvarna  BAILEY ORBANSKI
5th 6th 31
 7th   #10  Yamaha  ORIANA FRASER
8th 8th 26
 8th   #323  Honda  JOCELYN FACCIOTTI
7th 9th 26
 9th   #110  Honda  BREANNA ROSE
6th 10th 26
 10th   #17  Kawasaki  MEGAN HAMM
10th 11th 21
 11th   #818  Kawasaki  CINDY TRUDEL
18th 7th 17
 12th   #92  Kawasaki  CAMRYN HORBATY
12th 14th 16
 13th   #27  KTM  MAYA LEGARE
11th 15th 16
 14th   #971  Yamaha  MIA BARRETT
17th 13th 12
 15th   #425  Honda  AMELIA MATCHETT
14th 16th 12
 16th   #121  KTM  MIKAILA BEACH
15th 17th 10
 17th   #714  Kawasaki  VANESSA STINSON
22nd 12th 9
 18th   #25  Husqvarna  SHAYLA CASSIDY
13th 26th 8
 19th   #98  Yamaha  MELANIE HARVEY
16th 19th 7
 20th   #192  Husqvarna  AMELIE CROTEAU
26th 18th 3
 21st   #414  Yamaha  TESSA VAN DER MEER
19th 25th 2
 22nd   #970  Yamaha  DANA BARRETT
21st 20th 1
 23rd   #9  Yamaha  LINDSEY BRADLEY
20th 21st 1
 24th   #276  Honda  MICKAYLA VOLLICK
24th 22nd 0
 25th   #29  Yamaha  ALISSA HARKIN
25th 23rd 0
 26th   #59  Suzuki  SAMANTHA MERRETT
27th 24th 0
 27th   #16  Yamaha  CHLOE PONCIA-MYRE
23rd DNF 0
 DNF   #571  Yamaha  CATHY COULSON
 DNF   #6  Kawasaki  MICHAELA HAMM
See you at Sand Del Lee this weekend. What Ani means to say is, “See you at the races…and Yee-Haw!

PS If you knew that first reference was from the SNL “More Cowbell” skit, bravo.