Bobby Gravel Injury Update

#7 Bobby Gravel.

As expected, young up-and-coming amateur star, #7 Bobby Gravel from Fauquier, Ontario, was a standout at the 2022 TransCan at Walton Raceway last week, but it wasn’t easy.

In his second Supermini moto, Bobby was passing #1W Jayden Riley for the lead with #26 Ethan Darrach in tow when he went down hard over the final roller in the section. He got up and still managed to take the win.

He was seen limping badly in the pits and then wearing a walking cast. However, he still managed to win the Supermini class!

Supermini 1st 1-1-1

Schoolboy 1 2nd 2-4-2

2-Stroke 4th 2-8-4

Bobby has since been to the doctor to get checked out and it is confirmed he has several breaks in his foot. Fortunately, they are clean and he should be good to go after 5 weeks.

He had broken his wrist at Sand Del Lee in May and was only back on the bike a week before the ECAN at Motocross Deschambault, so his rides at the TransCan are even more impressive!

Heal up, Bobby.