Canada AX Tour – Round 3 and 4 Photo Report

By Billy Rainford

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By now, I hope you’ve all had a chance to watch the REPLAY of round 4 of the Monster Energy Canadian National AX Tour Presented by Royal Distributing from Hiawatha Park in Sarnia, Ontario. The racing has been great up at the front of the pack every time the Pro riders hit the track. Hiawatha Park is a horse racing facility and having the track right in front of the indoor grandstand made for a perfect night of spectating for the crowd, both nights.

There was rain Friday morning that pushed the amateur schedule back but when the gate dropped for the first race, the track was in primo condition. Here’s a look at the racing that now takes a two week break before continuing for rounds 5 and 6 in Penticton, BC.


There was a full schedule of amateur racing both days. Here are 786 Dakota Yaskow, 19 Nick Cryer, 184 Tanner Ward, 424 Austin Watling, and 46 Marco Cannella blasting out for another competitive Schoolboy moto.


You remember a great moto photog who used to frequent all the moto boards under the pseudonym ‘Squid?’ Well, I haven’t seen him for over 5 years but he resurfaced to race the age and beginner classes in Sarnia. Welcome back, Emile Cooper!


Young #76 Ben Kongmany looked solid again in the younger classes.


How about young #22 Preston Masciangelo clearing the finish line catapult on his 50cc?! He bogged once and landed halfway up the landing but kept going. He wisely stopped doing the jump after that, though.


What a great opportunity to turn some laps on a tight arenacross track for young riders. They came in all shapes and sizes.


Although Preston never got out to the lead from the gate, he easily got through traffic and took a few checkered flags.


#22 Hunter Scott got the honour of being the first little bike to clear the finish line. He always took care of business in Friday’s 65cc races. They didn’t return for Saturday.


#100 Kyle ‘Kirby’ Davis won all the 150 Trailbike motos, I believe.


#126 Ayrton Pomeroy keeps those elbows up and grabs a holeshot.


Ward and Watling about to go at it…again.


Tanner fell and had to play catch up in this moto.


Then he want all ‘Hayes vs. Thompson’ in this corner…


…and took care of his rival, Watling.


An Intermediate moto heads into the whoops section off the gate.


#114 Quinn Amyotte is only 15 years old. He got pretty comfortable on the AX track this weekend.


#64 Mitch Goheen grabs a holeshot. He would then get the black flag for getting a little too agrressive.


#46 Marco Cannella was the fastest of the amateurs both days. It won’t be long before those number look a little more…’Pro.’


Quebec rider, #3 Karl Normand, made the journey and raced both nights in Sarnia. His Friday night battle with Kyle Keast was a good one.


#373 Jacob Williamson has the speed to be ‘the next guy’ after the top 3 but had a few issues and left with a limp. He’s fine and had some great motos.


#20 Dylan Wright took a hard fall Friday but regrouped to make all the main events. He’s very close to getting this type of racing sorted out.


#464 Kyle Keast came and had some fun this weekend. If you heard his podcast, his hope is to hit a few AMA races next summer, if he doesn’t travel the Canadian series on a team.


#72 Drew Roberts is another fast Canadian rider getting used to arenacross. He said he had a lot of fun but that it will take a bit to get good at this discipline. It was a sentiment shared by many of the young Canadian Pros.


#727 Dave Blanchet had an interesting weekend. He didn’t get off to his usual great starts and had a few issues with the other riders that boiled over after the races. Everything was fine in the end.


#65 Scott Champion had a better weekend in Sarnia than he did in London. He enjoyed his time in Canada but may not be in Penticton or Calgary. We’ll see…


#10 Nathan Bles did very well considering he wasn’t happy with how fast he was going. With more arenacross practice, he’d do very well.


#781 Zack Zager made the shows on Saturday night. He doesn’t have a ton of time on a tight track like this either and gained valuable experience.


#34 Westen Wrozyna has had some great results so far. He’s been doing well in the Clashes and that’s where the big bucks are.


#101 Chris Blose almost caught Thompson and Hayes while they played cat and mouse out front in the Clash final Saturday night. It would have been sweet justice. Chris will be right there till the end should one of the others falter.


#148 Cole Thompson and #100 Jacob Hayes have raced each other since they were little. They were closer than this to each other for the better part of the weekend. It’s an intense battle between these two top riders.


Hayes came very close to sweeping the night Saturday. It’s going to come down to the wire in this series.


Thompson is becoming the one to beat in the Clash for Cash main events. After catching Hayes in Saturday’s main, the two bumped and brake-checked their way through the lappers and to the checkered flag. It was fun to watch. Make sure you’re in Penticton Oct 23-24 if you can! Watch for ‘Faces at the Races’ a little later.


Get well soon, Bobby Kiniry.


Round 3 – Friday

AX Lites Pro

1. 148 Cole Thompson KTM

2. 101 Chris Blose KAW

3. 100 Jacob Hayes KAW

4. 373 Jacob Williamson KAW

5. 727 Dave Blanchet KAW

6. 20 Dylan Wright YAM

7. 65 Scott Champion KAW

8. 10 Nathan Bles KTM

9. 3 Karl Normand KTM

10. 34 Westen Wrozyna HON

11. 631 Jordan Fredrick YAM

12. 204 Justin Roney HON

7 Bobby Kiniry DNF

AX Pro

1. 100 Jacob Hayes KAW

2. 101 Chris Blose KAW

3. 148 Cole Thompson KTM

4. 373 Jacob Williamson KAW

5. 34 Westen Wrozyna HON

6. 631 Jordan Fredrick YAM

7. 3 Karl Norman KTM

8. 464 Kyle Keast HON

9. 65 Scott Champion KAW

10. 204 Justin Roney HON

11. 20 Dylan Wright YAM

12. 727 Dave Blanchet KAW

Clash for Cash

1. 148 Cole Thompson KTM

2. 100 Jacob Hayes KAW

3. 101 Chris Blose KAW

4. 3 Karl Normand KTM

5. 464 Kyle Keast HON

6. 65 Scott Champion KAW

7. 727 Dave Blanchet KAW

8. 34 Westen Wrozyna HON

9. 10 Nathan Bles KTM

10. 20 Dylan Wright YAM

11. 631 Jordan Fredrick YAM

12. 373 Jacob Williamson KAW

Round 4 – Saturday

Lites Pro

1. 100 Jacob Hayes KAW

2. 101 Chris Blose KAW

3. 148 Cole Thompson KTM

4. 65 Scott Champion KAW

5. 3 Karl Normand KTM

6. 34 Westen Wrozyna HON

7. 10 Nathan Bles KTM

8. 20 Dylan wright YAM

9. 373 Jacob Williamson KAW

10. 727 Dave Blanchet KAW

AX Pro

1. 100 Jacob Hayes KAW

2. 101 Chris Blose KAW

3. 148 Cole Thompson KTM

4. 65 Scott Champion KAW

5. 373 Jacob Williamson KAW

6. 464 Kyle Keast HON

7. 727 Dave Blanchet KAW

8. 10 Nathan Bles KTM

9. 72 Drew Roberts KTM

10. 3 Karl Normand KTM

11. 34 Westen Wrozyna HON

12. 20 Dylan Wright YAM

13. 781 Zack Zager SUZ

Clash for Cash

1. 148 Cole Thompson KTM

2. 100 Jacob Hayes KAW

3. 101 Chris Blose KAW

4. 65 Scott Champion KAW

5. 34 Westen Wrozyna HON

6. 20 Dylan Wright YAM

7. 464 Kyle Keast HON

8. 10 Nathan Bles KTM

9. 72 Drew Roberts KTM

10. 3 Karl Normand KTM

Next round:

October 23-24

Penticton, BC