SECO Seat Cover Review

By Greg Poisson

I’ve ridden with a lot of aftermarket seat covers in the past, so when SECO Seat Cover out of Quebec offered up a new cover for our 2021 Husqvarna FC350 media bike, we were stoked. I’ve always been a guy who rode with my legs and gripped the bike a ton, so having any additional traction to help with this made sense. They made us a custom Husky Blue gripper seat with white ribs to top off the look for our new bike. 

The cover went on easily and with a little extra trimming it fit perfectly on our bike. I found the stock seat cover to be quite slippery during our first few rides, so when I got out with the SECO cover I had a hard time moving around on the seat! The traction was phenomenal, it took me a few laps to get used to the additional traction it provided. I definitely find it easier to grip the bike with my legs taking any additional strain off my arms, definitely helping with arm pump issues. After 5 years off the bike we all know how brutal this can be! 

After about 10 hours the cover shows no sign of wear and still provides the same grip as it did brand new.

The only drawback I could see is if you are someone who likes to move around a lot on the bike, the additional grip would take some getting used to. With SECO Seat Cover being based out of Quebec, their production and shipping turn around is extremely fast.

With our stock seat already broken in, I found the addition of the cover didn’t add any harsh feeling to an already “non-weathered butt.” 
I did find if my pants were loose they would grab on the cover and pull down a bit, but I’ll take the L on that one, a quick tighten of the ratchet strap on my Shift MX pants and problem solved. 

One thing that was especially nice is how clean the white ribs came out after a wash with soap/water. 

Why not support a Canadian company?