Catching Up with…#34 Westen Wrozyna

By Billy Rainford

#34 Westen Wrozyna.

Week #34 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update belonged to Westen Wrozyna.

Newtonville, Ontario’s Westen Wrozyna was the featured rider in week #34’s Frid’Eh Update but he was so busy at the TransCan that we couldn’t get his interview up in the column. Here’s what Westen had to say when we were finally able to get together for a chat.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Westen. I wasn’t sure we were going to see you this summer. Can you tell us what you were up to while the Pro series was on its western swing?

Westen Wrozyna: Well, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be out there this year. I got a job and was working pretty much every day, so that I could go race AMO and also some Loretta’s qualifiers. I didn’t really get much training in during the week, just was racing on the weekends.

Let’s back it up to 2015. Can you tell us how it went for you?
2015 really wasn’t great. I got my first top ten but other than that it wasn’t the year that I wanted. 2014 and 2015 were a struggle for me. I lost my groove after dislocating my shoulder at the beginning of 2014 and I just struggled to bounce back, but I think this year I started to get my groove back. I’m enjoying every moment I have on my bike and I had my best year as a Pro.
Westen Wrozyna

Westen was initially planning to race Loretta Lynn’s in the A class but did so well in Canada he decided to finish out the season|Spikman Photo

I know you also qualified for Loretta Lynn’s. Was that your original plan this summer? I know your brother went. Was it going to be another family trip to Tennessee?
Going into the year, the plan was for me and my brother, Cam, to go to Loretta’s. I wanted to go back and race A class.
Why did you decide not to go?
After racing Gopher Dunes and Ulverton and getting two top ten finishes. I got help from Frenchie (Luc Caouette) at C4MX and Kawasaki Canada. I had a big decision to make and I thought doing the whole east coast was what I needed to do to catch someone’s eye and hopefully get a ride for 2016.
20160807Westen Wrozyna

Westen would love to do the entire season in 2017, but will need some support to make that happen.

You only did the eastern swing and still finished 14th overall with a finish as high as 7th. Were you happy with how you rode and what was the highlight for you?
By far, this has been my best year as a Pro. Every round I was in the top ten, and going into the east coast that was my goal, top ten every weekend. Highlight of the year for me was going to Gopher not expecting to race and then Frenchie and Kawasaki Canada put a bike together for me to race and getting top ten without really training for it. I’m happy with how I rode but I know that I can do better and I hope I have the chance to prove that I can be a top 5/podium guy next year.
What did you think of the new tracks and schedule?
I liked the new tracks and getting to see new places. It’s different but at the same time I love racing Sand del Lee and was disappointed that we didn’t get to race there this year.
Was RJ’s a good place to finish the series?
RJ’s was a good race. I liked it and I hope they keep it on the schedule, but since I was on 50cc we always finished the season at Walton and it didn’t feel the same ending it at RJ’s.
What are your plans now that the series is finished?
Well, I went back to work this week and I’m going to be at Walton this weekend, but after this weekend I’m going to start training for the AX Tour and get ready to race some Arenacross.
20160724- Westen Wrozyna

Watch for him to compete in the upcoming AX Tour.

What will you do over the winter?
I’m not sure. It all depends on what happens. Right now, I think Ill probably work most of the winter and hopefully head down south with my brother.
What are your racing plans for the future?
I really don’t know (Laughs). Again, it all depends on what happens in the next few months. I would like to do the whole season again and see what I can do but if not I’ll go back to work, save up and you’ll see me on east coast.
OK, we’ll let you go. Who would you like to thank?
Yeah, I couldn’t have done it without The Farm Racing, Two Wheel Motorsport, C4MX, Kawasaki Canada, Atlas Brace, Impala bicycles, Fox, Hinson, CLMX, and my mom, dad and lil bro.