25 Days of Christmas: 6 – TLD Base Protection (HW LS Shirt Youth)


TLD Base Protection: UPL 7855 HW LS Shirt Youth 509003201

I remember when Santa was just a young ripper. He would always wear as much protection as he could. Now, some used to laugh and call him names (see what we did there?) but he would usually get the last laugh when a crash in a turn that may have caused enough damage to take him out of the moto (or worse) simply cost him a position or two as he dusted his unhurt body off and got back in the race.

You see, there’s nothing ‘wimpy’ about not wanting to miss races due to injury. We’re all going to fall. Like the old cycling saying goes: there are two types of riders – those who’ve crashed and those who are about to.

We’ve all seen those riders walking around with huge gashes in their forearms because a simple fall tore their poly/cotton-protected arm to shreds. It really doesn’t have to happen!

So, take it from Santa, check out what Troy Lee Designs has to offer for Base Protection. A little material under your jersey goes a long way to save a season.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 7.37.25 PM

  • Open armpit design.
  • Wide neck opening for comfort.
  • Anatomical design with integrated protection zones.
  • Patent pending.