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Catching Up with Parker Eales, one of the hardest-working riders we have at the races. Brought to you by RP Race Performance.

By Billy Rainford

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Brought to you by RP Race Performance
Week #18 belonged to Parker Eales from Maple Ridge, BC. | Bigwave photo

It was Parker Eales‘ week for the Frid’Eh Update interview brought to you by RP Race Performance this past week, but, being one of the hardest-working riders we’ve got here in Canada, we had difficulty finding the time to get it done with the rider from Maple Ridge, BC.

He works more than full-time during the week and still finds time to ride, MTB, and workout to be ready for when the new Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals start. Not only does he race the series, he competes! He finished in the top 10 last summer in the 450 class.

To make it even more difficult, we’re still in the middle of renovations at hoome and I was travelling to Kamloops, BC to look after my mom for a week. OK, a lot of this falls on my, so don’t be too hard on Parker that you didn’t have an Update to read on Friday.

He raced Round 2 of the Future West Moto series in Quesnel, BC this weekend and is now back at work as you read this.

Parker will race on the Priority MX racing team this summer and will fly in and out each week to race the 450 class. Last season, he finished 10th overall, just 1 point out of 9th behind Andy Truyts. It seemed like these two found each other on the track at every round and it was fun to watch these two big guys go at it on the track.

Parker’s 250 teammate at the nationals will be #59 Wyatt Kerr from Cambridge, Ontario. I called Wyatt for a podcast interview this week. He’s coming back from that scary injury in Calgary last season and has been down in Florida training with Joey Savatgy and Zach Osborne…not bad!

If you haven’t already listened to it, here are a couple links, but you can find it wherever you get your podcasts:


Here’s a look at Parker’s 2023 summer season:

There are lots of changes to both the 250 and 450 classes this summer, so it’ll be interesting to see where everyone slots in.

Here’s what Parker had to say this week when we contacted him.

Direct Motocross: Hey, Parker. We haven’t spoken to you in a little while. Let’s first talk about your summer of 2023. You ended up 10th in 450 MX, just 1 point behind your usual rival, Andy Truyts. First, let me say I really enjoyed those battles. You nailed a 6th overall at Round 2 in Kamloops. Can you sum up last summer for us?

Parker Eales: Hey, Billy! Hope all is well! My summer went pretty well I’d say. Kamloops was one of my better rounds for sure. I was happy with that result. I never was able to match or beat it but I got close at some other rounds. Haha, those battles were great, except for being on the receiving end of the roost! All in all, it was a pretty solid summer racing dirt bikes and still being able to get inside the top 10! 

You were one of our riders who worked all week and then flew to the races on the weekends. How tough was that to pull off? Were you getting track time during the week?

Yes sir! That made for some long days with not a ton of sleep but I still managed to really enjoy every bit of it. Honestly, I maybe rode about 40 minutes about one night per week, usually on Tuesdays and that was about it. Most of the other nights I’d just spend recovering from race day and the travel. I was flying to the races Friday afternoons and then coming home Sunday night if I could, depending on if there was a flight available. 

I keep harping on Parker that he should have run the #1 in the AMO Arenacross series this winter. Opportunities like that don’t happen very often! | Bigwave photo

You like indoor stuff but didn’t race that part of the Triple Crown Series. Why not?

I really do enjoy Arenacross and Supercross a lot. My plan for the year was to do the Triple Crown Series outdoors and the AMO Arenacross in Chilliwack. I had never really had it in mind to hit the arenacross and supercross portion of the Triple Crown Series. I think it was just kind of in a weird part of the year for me. I was pretty smoked after the outdoors series and I wanted to take a bit of time away from riding and training and get back into a normal work and regular life routine for a couple of months. I also don’t have a 250 so I didn’t really wanna hit those rounds with just a 450. 

You did, however, defend your Future West Moto AX title (Now the AMO Arenacross series) without running the #1. I know, I know, the series changed hands so you didn’t feel right running it. But you should have! How did the series go for you?

Yeah, yeah, I know I should have ran the #1. Enough people gave me crap about it! Lol. The series went really well actually, I was pumped on my riding for sure. I was always up there in the mix for the podium, which I gotta be pretty happy with. There were definitely a lot of good guys that raced the series, so to finish in 2nd in points felt great! By far some of the best races for me in 2023. 

You jumped in and gave Supercross a shot in 2023 but not in 2024. How come?

I had always wanted to commit to a doing a few rounds of Supercross at some point in my life and 2023 was the year to do it I guess. I’m happy I was able to pull it off because it may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity, sadly. It really comes down to time and money. Supercross definitely isn’t cheap by any means and to do it properly you really need to put some serious time in and I’m just not able to take that much time off work to do so. 

How comfortable would you be to simply toss on some SX suspension and go for it, now that you’ve done a few?

Man, the first time I rode a legit supercross track was Seattle 2022! It was probably wasn’t the smartest idea on my part but I went for it! With some experience now I think I could just go for it and see what happens. Maybe next year???? 

The crew that is making James Lissimore MTB by himself (Kyle Springman, Kevin Lepp, Davey Fraser, and Parker).

What did you get up to over the winter, riding-wise?

I tried to get out on the bike once during the week throughout all of the winter. We have a few spots that really shape up well in the winter months. Usually the weather works out good enough in our favour that we can ride one day on the weekends! 

Can you remind everyone what it is you do for work?

I work for an excavation company, Frazer Excavation. I am a foreman for them. We do all sorts of different things like installing utilities and buildings roads and all that fun stuff. It definitely makes for a really busy year trying to balance running a job and race dirt bikes! Some long days throughout the summertime leave not a lot of time for riding and training unfortunately. 

And now you’re a Team Priority Mechanical MX rider. How did this opportunity present itself?

Yes! I’m pumped on everything that I got going on with Priority Mechanical MX this year. Peter Knoop is a super great guy and he runs an amazing program, everyone that helps out with the team is top notch as well. Last year, Peter Knoop was kind enough to transport my bikes to the east rounds of the nationals and help me out with some other things that go along with it. This past winter he had asked if my plans were going to be the same as last year and I basically said yes, I don’t see it being much different. One thing led to another and I was able to join Team Priority Mechanical MX for 2024. 

I just spoke to your 250 teammate Wyatt Kerr and it sounds like this is an amazing team to ride for. How will it work this summer for you?

Wyatt is spot on with that! My summer is gonna look similar to last year’s. I still have to work almost all of the summer during the week. I do plan on taking a week or two off between some rounds. I’m not exactly sure but I’m thinking Moncton to Deschambault and maybe racing the TransCan or something fun like that! I’m still trying to get everything sorted as we speak. 

And I spoke to James Lissimore recently and he said he rides alone out in BC now because the rest of you guys are on electric-assist MTB’s. Have you gone to the dark side for good?

Haha, I am an acoustic rider when I need to be and an e-bike rider when I want to be! I really enjoy riding both. I’m lucky to have the option of having both types of bikes. I switch it up depending on who I am riding with. I have some good friends I ride with that only have acoustics and some others that only have e-bikes. The e-bike sure is nice though on some of the climbs that we have here! 

[Editor’s beef: We don’t need a special name for a bicycle, only when specifying electric-assist.]

Parker at Anaheim 1 Supercross in 2023. | Bigwave photo

The 450 class will look different this summer. Have you looked at that and put yourself in any sort of hopeful position? What kind of pressure do you put on yourself for results?

I think it’s gonna make for some good racing for sure. I haven’t really had a good look on everyone that’s racing but from what it sounds like it’s gonna be a great summer! I can’t wait to get round 1 started. I try not to put a ton of pressure on myself, I just want to put my best foot forward every time I’m on the track and try to improve and learn as much as possible. 

OK, thank you for taking some time with us again. It won’t be very long and I’ll be seeing you in Calgary. Good luck and who would you like to thank?

Calgary is gonna be here in no time! Was nice chatting with you, Billy, and sorry for the delay on this, you caught me at a very very busy time. I’d like to thank Team Priority Mechanical MX, Peter Knoop, Justin Roney, SSS Suspension, Fox Canada, Matrix Concepts, 100%, Mobius Braces, KTM Canada, Holeshot Motorsports, Frazer Excavation, Seco Seat Cover, G2 Ergonomics, 139 Designs, Dirt Care, Hall Race Fuel, Risk Racing Moto  and everyone else that keeps the wheels rolling for the 18! 

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