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2017 KTM Canada Off-Road Ride Day

By Billy Rainford

Jeff McConkey and I got the invite to test out some of the 2017 KTM Canada Off-Road 250cc line-up at Cochrane’s MX Park in Cramahe, Ontario, about and hour east of Toronto.

Neither of us is the most experienced enduro rider, but when we got the chance to put in a day on two wheels we, of course, jumped at it.

Mitch Goheen from Just Giver Productions was there to capture the day in photos and video, but I shot a few to give people an idea of what it was like.

Here’s a quick look.



You always get Jeff’s full attention when you show up with next year’s gear and casual wear.


KTM Canada’s Claudie LaPointe gets set to show us the gear.


It was a small and intimate group of riders, enthusiasts and media types at Cochrane’s. Here’s Jeff wondering where his swag may be hiding.


The 4 bikes we rode (right to left): 250 XC, 250 XC-F, 250 XC-W, and 250 FreeRide.


When we got there in the morning, we all had welcome bags waiting for us…and you’ve got to love those tables!


I wasn’t sure what kind of omen these circling birds were, but we ventured off into the trails anyway.


Enduro riding may not be Mitch’s bag, but any time he gets to shoot some video of motorcycles is OK with him.


Claudie and Marc Brunet give us the rundown on how the day is going to unfold.


Warren Thaxter (left) and Rome Haloftis from the Ontario Trail Riders Association take us through the make up of the trail we’re going to ride. Note to self: NEVER judge the speed of an enduro guy by his cover!

20161012- Dave Howson

KTM Canada’s Dave Howson had all the answers for us.


We broke into 2 groups of 4. One would be out on the trails while the other sat in for some in class instruction on the bikes and products. Or to use some marketing jargon…a breakout session (eye roll).


You didn’t want to get a bike after 6’8″ Dallas from Traction E Rag had it. You were in for some adjustments if that was the case.


New ‘McThoughts’ lead photo? We’d have to change the title to ‘McQuestions’ I think.


I should have shot a 10-second video of Marc removing the air filter and putting it back in place. It was a snap!

20161012- Marc Brunet

Marc explains the nuts and bolts of the Off Road line up.

20161012- Jeff McConkey

Something tells me this is how casual Jeff looked in every class in high school.


Lunch was provided too. Thanks for driving into Trenton, Kieth.


The bikes at the end of the day. I think only the ones Jeff rode had bark stuck in them…


Oh, you just know a super slow mo shot of the 2-stroke vibrating is going to be included in the edit Mitch is putting together. Now you know where it came from.


Then it was time for the crew to put all the bikes back in the trailer and head back to Montreal. Thanks for a great day of trail riding, KTM Canada, and thank you to Cochrane’s MX Park for letting us put some notches in the trees…

20161012- Jeff McConkey

A Jeff with swag in his hands is a happy Jeff. Check out the WASP Cam video of Peter Macelli following the two of us around for a lap later today. See you at the races…

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