Faces at the Races | 2022 Walton One MX National

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Troy Lee Designs Canada

Here’s a look around Walton Raceway for Round 4 of the Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals.

It always looks like something big is going down when you arrive at a National at Walton Raceway.
The first good news we got on Friday was that Sam Gaynor was back on the bike and was racing the FXR PreMix class, which he won.
Next, it was time to watch #807 Drew Roberts do his best Ryan Sipes impression by racing XC (he won), Flat Track (he won a moto), and then PreMix (his bike blew up).
That’s KTM Canada manager/mechanic Matt Deroy racing Marc Dionne’s bike in the XC on Friday.
Not to be a jerk, but I always seem to stand by the tricky obstacles to get shots like this at a XC event.
Chris Blackmer was trackside catching the off-road action, too.
OK, that’s definitely not a face. I’m sorry!
As Jeff Spiccoli would say, “All right, Hamilton!
His bike got away from him and then casually waited for him to walk up and get back on.
Too easy.
Julien Perrier assuming the classic Julien Perrier stance. If you’re doing a crossword, that’s “arms akimbo.”
Love the shirt, Pam. No, I was never a big Metallica guy, but still.
Poor Charles Charlton was told by someone he could race his 250F in the one Schoolboy class available on amateur day but then got black flagged.
The whole thing didn’t sit well with Yanick Boucher, as you can see.
Greg just walking around fighting crime.
SKV checking out the new drop before the Natural Double.
These Tylers really like racing 125’s.
Someone tell me who these kids are so we can bring this photo back in 10 years!
Impatiently waiting for the gate to drop.
Let’s remember the name Hart Quinlan and see where this little ripper goes.
Sesame Street has always kept a lookout for a Hillier Grover…
Julien striking his pose.
PRMX mechanic Joe Kremkow raced Saturday, too.
Sa-wing and a miss!
It’s great to see the Wrozynas back at the races.
I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Reid. (If you get that ref, you’re definitely old.)
There’s got to be a future champion in this group!
Donk giving Greg a little dust off before we did a video with him.
Did Donk race on Saturday? You tell me.
Love it. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen those digits before. Have you?
I wasn’t following you, Alex…honest!
Maya ready to rip her 250 2-stroke.
To tint or not to tint, that is the question.
NKOTB Jamie Astudillo (As-tu-deeyo).
Sam Gaynor was a popular win in the FXR PreMix class.
Ryder McNabb seemed like he was back to normal and ready to fight for wins. Let’s see how he does at his team’s home track this week.
His dad is ready for some wins, too.
Yarrr, this be yer captain speaking…
Jeff Ward is a podcaster now.
If you don’t know who #328 Talan Hansen is, he drove here from Wisconsin and slept in the cab of his pick-up to race Walton. What more do you need to know?!
Still fighting crime…
Jake Piccolo came into Walton with the red plates but left 10 points down to #229 Mitchell Harrison.
Thor Kawasaki Pro Circuit team owner, Gerhardt Huber.
Busy, busy.
Malia Garant was in great battles with SKV in both motos but held on to take 3rd.
Oliver Benek raced on Saturday and had some fun.
Come on, man, a quick glance to the left would have made this shot so much better!
The current meeting the future.
One last tap for good measure from Brayden.
It turns out the guys who finished 11th in a couple motos down south is pretty fast.
Quinn Amyotte got his first Pro top 3 moto finish on Sunday.
Josiah putting a smile on Julien’s face.
You can add Josiah to the list of potential winners in the 250 class that includes Jake, Mitchell Harrison, and Ryder McNabb.
Lots of riders were getting creative with their line choices and Chris Blackmer had a little chat with Daryl Murphy about it. No penalties were given out here.
Westen Wrozyna had to be put under to get that shoulder back in place. He woke up and asked to have his bike ready for moto 2.
Keeping the Kerr thumbs up streak alive. Well, 50% of them, at least.
Thanks for stepping up with a thumbs up, Tyler Yates. Tyler’s dad headed over to make sure #223 Adam Atkinson was OK after an ugly crash before the Natural Double, so Oliver jumped in to help. Adam was OK.
#146 Tanner Scott lining up for his first-ever Pro National. He finished an impressive 11th.
#158 Tres Fierro couldn’t get into RedBud so they came north to race Walton. He’ll be at Southwick and then the Mexican Nationals.
He crashed in a really awkward place. It happened really fast but he got up and kept going.
There’s that smile I was talking about earlier.
Cole Thompson entered the 450 class and came away with a 3rd place finish. He’ll drop down to the 250 class on a 125 this week at Gopher Dunes, proving he’s completely lost his mind!
On another level.
Dude gets his first win, he gets another smile photo and gets to say it: “See you at the races…