Faces at the Races | 2023 RCSX

By Billy Rainford

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Now that I’m finally home and able to sit in my office, I’ve been trying to get caught up on all the “content” I’ve got clogging up my hard drive from the trip to Florida and back. Today, I’m going to back up to the 2023 Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross (RCSX) at Daytona International Speedway and have some fun with a ‘Faces at the Races‘ column.

Brendan Goldstein Loudmouth K Deam
OK, I’ve been going to this event since it started. I always stay at my buddy’s place up the I-95 in Palm Coast while I’m there. That’s Brendan Goldstein (left) from Loudmouth Intakes and now K Deam Optics beside his brother, Justin Goldstein at the 2011 event.
You can’t yell out that you’re trying to be secretive!
Like I always say, reading the names of the younger classes results at these events is some great entertainment. Not too many Bills or Bobs these days.
For another example that’s Gunner Lusk. Love it!
A kid this young’s father probably missed the mullet craze even! You wouldn’t know it to look at me today, but I didn’t miss it, not by a long shot!
See Bass Witherell
It’s not his real name but this is Sea Bass.
That’s #409 Brennan Schofield. He had good speed in the B classes but needed starts. He’s racing the Spring A Ding Ding as you read this.
Thomas Tiger Wood
#43 Thomas Wood had bike issues in his qualifier and had to start from the outside gate in one of his Mains, but proved you could still win from way out there.
Drew Adams Luke Fauser
#300 Drew Adams and #462 Luke Fauser keeping it light before a race.
I thought it was pretty warm that day and then I was told it was 36C! That’s really hot!
Izack Guadagno
I was chatting with the Schofields in staging and asked if there were any other Canadians that they knew of. Craig said, “Turn around...” and there was #312 Izack Guadagno within arm’s reach.
You can’t see it from here but he’s wearing a huge clock on a chain around his neck…
In my day, the jokes at school would have been relentless!
Brennan Schofield
Hey, there’s Craig Schofield now!
Casey Cochran
#66 Casey Cochran is starting to rise above the rest in the B classes.
Diesel Thomas is another great name.
Mike Alessi
#800 Mike Alessi showing me how long it’s been since we were bros. No, Mike, it was longer than that!
FXR owner #202 Milt Reimer and Andy White.
I once had a bartender in Victoria, BC ask me a trivia question for a free drink. The question was, “What was Mrs. Roper’s first name on Three’s Company?” His name was Stanley and her’s was… I couldn’t come up with the answer back then but if I went back she’d owe me a drink!
I really need to know the story behind this shot and the next one.
I was at the Hog Waller GNCC the day before this and a young kid came up and very politely said hello to me. Seeing him here, I now know it was Jason Weigandt’s son, Lane Weigandt.
Jamie Astudillo is coming back to Canada in 2023 to give Eve Brodeur fits. We’ll also have Avrie Berry on the WMX line, so this summer should be a podium battle every week!
Let’s get Hannah Hodges up here and really make it a battle!
#458 Cameron Durow is in North America from South Africa. He had a bit of bad luck here but is racing this week in Texas too.
This guy was…so smooth…
He probably thought his “Waa, waa, waa!” reference days were over, but I’m still here! (Google it, Bowker!)
Jayden Riley
Outstanding Performances by a Canadian has to go to #43 Jayden Riley. He was a contender in all of his Mains.
Jonathan Getz
#22 Jonathan Getz trying to look relaxed beside fellow ripper #723 Landon Gibson.
Another fast Wood is #26 Carson Wood. He came away with titles in Mini Sr. 1 and Mini Sr. 2.
We’ll need to check his arm for the tattoo to see if he’s really in the “Club.”
Levi Leddy is another rider to keep an eye on in the future.
If Jyire Mitchell’s speed after a short time back on the bike is any indication, he should be a factor in Canada this summer.
Dylan Rempel
Like Ryder McNabb, #138 Dylan Rempel is still young and wants to race all these big US Amateur Nationals at the top level.
His bike got the full Partzilla PRMX Daytona treatment just like the Supercross riders.
This name would have put a smile on Jeff McConkey’s face. This is how he liked to sarcastically pronounce La Belle Province.
The world takeover has begun for Kyle Snelgrove and his OGs brand.

Thanks for looking and we’ll see you at the races…

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